Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movie Night

Last night we finally got to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Michael and I met Jenn and her two boys, JJ and Shane, at bowling the year before last. Then this past summer, we met Missy and her two boys, Bryce and Matthew, at Camp Lutherlyn. The more time we spent with each of these friends, the more I wanted to get all of us together as I thought Missy and Jenn would get along really well, and thought the boys would, too. What's more fun than a bunch of crazy boys getting to be all wild and loud together? Aside from quiet Mom times enjoying shopping and a nice hot latte, that is...

Whenever I suggested getting both families together to Michael, sadly he'd balk. He was so afraid JJ and Shane would buddy up with Bryce and Matthew and leave him in their new found friendship dust. No words I would say could convince him I finally quit pursuing this idea.

Until last week. Missy (again, so lost without you!!) had bought a copy of the newly released movie Hugo and suggested hosting a movie night and invited not only Michael and I, but Jenn's family as well--at last! I told Bug about our plans and he was all excited until I filled him in on the entire agenda of getting all the boys together. It took me a good hour of convincing him that this really was a good idea, that his friends would always love him and not abandon him, and that if he'd give it half a chance they could really have a whole lot of fun together. Finally he conceded...Movie Night was on--hooray!

So, last night at dinner time, we headed to Missy's for pizza, popcorn, and pink fluff (scrumptiously delicious dessert Jenn made with strawberries, yogurt and whipped cream! Aaaahhh...) We had seen JJ and Shane at bowling earlier in the morning and they were all excited about meeting Bryce and Matthew--and I think we all wondered how much movie watching would actually get accomplished with five wild boys running rampant through the house...Chaos and sword play ensued for a little while, then everyone settled down for a quick dinner. Once popcorn was made we lured the boys all back to the livingroom for movie time. Pillows and blankets piled in the middle of the floor as the wiggle worms settled in to watch the show.

The movie itself is beautifully done. We picked out all the characters who'd been in Harry Potter. Is it just me or do all the good movies seem to be British made lately? And as an added bonus, Johnny Depp, the movie's producer, also has a quick cameo--you know I love everything Johnny! For a two and a half hour flick, the boys all sat really well for the most part. Somehow I was still awake well past my bedtime, so the movie had to be good! I'd definitely watch that one again.

So new friendships were forged last night and I hope we can get this quintet out and about for more fun and adventures before Bug and I finally head north this year. Today we have Bug's Team Tournament at bowling with JJ and Shane--good luck to our boys! AND, a little Mama Bragging Moment--their team also made the Roll Offs this year, which is like their playoffs--way to go guys!! Such an awesome season!!

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