Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Tucker!

Tucker McFinigan is one year old today!

The day we brought you home

Naps are better with a friend
 Didn't take you long to take charge
You found yourself in unlikely places

You learned how to share

 You made yoga look easy
You outgrew your pillow (then you ate it)
The injustice of it all!!
Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head
Fun under the bed
Fun on top of the bed burying chewies for safe keeping (before he learned of the possibility of toilet stashing!)

Fun without a bed
Your first Christmas--and you didn't eat the tree!! Good boy!

You learned the joys of cooking...if only the counter was a wee bit narrower!!
Neighborhood Cat Detection Watch
It's a dog's life
Happy First Birthday Tucker--we love you!!!
Sweet puppy dreams...

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