Friday, March 30, 2012

I Want

I find myself saying, "I want..." quite a lot lately. I want a pair of sandals to go with my pretty purple dinner cruise dress. I want the War Horse Blu-ray that comes out next Tuesday. I want the complete set of Harry Potter e-books for my Kindle, even though I have so many other books to read yet and the entire set of Potter paperbacks sitting on my bookshelf, happily read already...twice--but to have them on my Kindle!! I want Mondo's Thera-Tee. I want this stupid house to sell so we can get moved to Massachusetts. I want...I want my husband. I want my baby Brodie back, happy, babbling away, bopping back and forth in his cage, vying for my attention...I want. I want a lot.

I want to be doing something with my life rather than this waiting, wasting. But I can't make plans to do anything because I don't know how long we'll still be here.


But, then I think, it's not been a completely horrible week. Even though Tucker flushed a chewie down the toilet and stopped it all up, my uncle came to our rescue the next morning and got us flushing freely again. I graduated from physical therapy yesterday and ran 3.6 miles this morning. Blew away that 5k--should be back up to my usual four and five mile mornings soon and then I can start training for an 8 or 10k for the fall after we get moved...Save the half marathon for next spring (gonna have to Google when Boston's is...) Not completely bad...

Squiggy is running around like a little psycho bird this morning, words whizzing out of his beak, rapid as gunfire: "I love you! Squiggy good boy! Whatcha doin'? Birdie birdie birdie birdie. Tickle tickle tickle...." along with myriad other beeps and squeeks and noises I have no idea where or how he came up with them...Blinkie and Skye content to sit in their cage, consoling each other over the loss of their friend, Brodie, ignoring Squiggy's attempts to entice them out to play. Soon enough...we all need to take our own time to heal...

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