Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moving On, Moving Forward

Today is the first of our good-byes. It is the youth league's bowling banquet. The kids all get to bowl just for fun this morning, then scarf down some pizza while the season's awards and trophies are all passed out. This was our second season at Family Bowlaway and we've made some pretty awesome friends there. Sadly, today will likely be the last time we'll see most of them. I love watching these kids bowl and how much they progress through the's gonna be hard saying good-bye to all those sweet faces we've been hanging out with every fall through winter weekend for the past two years. Bringing the camera and taking lots of pictures--and, yeah, I've already been busy scoping out bowling alleys up in Massachusetts for Bug. Hoping to make it into a summer league for him if possible. It'll all depend on when and where we can get settled...

And, moving forward (hopefully!) on the fitness track. I managed a quick run yesterday without suffering the follow up headache (okay, I did down a few Aleve hoping to stave it off, and that seemed to work!) So that's excitingly hopeful for me--I can't imagine not being able to run anymore...I've written a new workout schedule up on my kitchen's dry erase board, still including my PT days but also adding a day of hiking/biking at Moraine now that Saturday bowling is over--yeah! Fun!! I am definitely looking forward to taking that hiking/biking up along the coast soon--making sure hubby invests in a bike rack that'll fit over the spare tire on the back of my Sportage this summer!

I am also planning to stick to my guns and be better about following the meal plans on Spark People now that I feel like I can exercise the way I want--mostly! Getting there!! Summer (and Hubby!!) is coming!! No more excuses. I've already written out my shopping list for the week from the Spark menus, so I will be prepared!!

Isn't that the beauty of Spring? The coming back to life? A fresh start? Rejuvenation. The video below is of a Pink Floyd song that really captured my heart back in a time when I had totally screwed up my life but was finally learning I could stand on my own two feet and start again. It popped in my head yesterday as I was thinking about finally beginning to feel better and hopeful again, so sharing it here...and heading into the shining sun =0)

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