Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Counting

Monday morning again and still counting my way to 1000 Gifts. It's been a roller coaster week, starting physical therapy amidst a puddle of hormones, and not realizing just how much it was going to actually hurt but forging through anyway and turning the corner to come out on the other side...Really starting to miss Bill and wishing this was all over. Bug finally back on track and being his good sweet self at school (I know Ms. Lutz must be thankful!) Enjoying lots of good company with friends this week and our boys finishing up their bowling season at the top of the league and looking forward to Roll Offs next weekend--way to go!!!

So here we go, #134-170...
#134 Jumping back in with both feet
#135 Breathtaking sunrise
#136 Clean sheets--aahhh...
#137 Spooning with Tucker
#138 Baby Bellas at Aldi's-I'm hooked!
#139 Silly mixed up bird words--Peek-a-peek!

#140 Filthy muddy dogs that exasperate and endear at the same time
#141 $10 gift card to Books-a-Million!
#142 Game of Thrones for $3.54!
#143 Bright sunshiney walk with Tucker
#144 PT in the company of an encouraging friend
#145 Warm spring rain
#146 Surprise goodie box from Oregon--thank you Em!

#147 Another postcard from Russia
#148 Friends who brighten spirits
#149 A husband I love with every bit of me
#150 Sweetest loving kid ever!
#151 Beautiful, huge frozen blackberries for breakfast
#152 A gentle run
#153 Baby Shark under covers with Bug
#154 Daffodils peeking (peek-a-peek!)
#155 Boy's love of brocolli
#156 Shopping day with Missy
#157 The perfect purple dress for Boston Harbor Dinner Cruise!
#158 Dinner with Bug for being so good all week at school and losing only one minute!
#159 Refreshing rain storm
#160 Our boys made the Roll Offs next week! Yay!
#161 Hugo Movie Night with friends and five crazy, wild boys
#162 Sweet puppy Heath kisses
#163 A new book and new series to read--thank you John!
#164 Pizza, popcorn, and pink fluff--yum!
#165 Not needing a pain pill to get to sleep
#166 Couch to 5k training again
#167 Morning flurries and thistles crusted white
#168 Doing PT exercises in spite of pain and feeling much better after
#169 Bug earned $28 for a week of being good at school, helping with chores, and reading two books (and I bought his BAM gift card...yay me!)
#170 Sunday morning lounging on the phone with my sweet hubby

Always thankful...


  1. daffodils peeking! happy day! blessings to you from Uganda

  2. Your list is full of beautiful gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your list.

  4. I hope you'll get to feeling better. I don't know your physical issues, but know that I just prayed for you. Great list! Thanks for sharing, Dawn! :)

  5. What a blessed list! Gift cards, blackberries, gift in the mail, and snow, all graces from His hand. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That is a gorgeous sunrise! What a sweet birdie! Blackberries are delicious. Such a beautiful purple dress! Aww... puppy kisses! :)

  7. That does look like a lovely little goodie box! Enjoyed your list (and the dress is cute!).


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