Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Really Not So Bad Day

So, I did great yesterday, food wise, until the end of the day...I even brought lunch with me to the bowling alley so I wouldn't be tempted to eat something fatty and fried from the snack bar while the kids enjoyed their pizza party. Arriving home, we saw the neighbors were having a St Patty's Day party and Michael went over to play with the other kids. He rushed home at dinnertime to see if he could eat there as well. Seeing as I had made a pot of spicy white bean soup, which he would've had zero enthusiasm for and plenty of criticism, I ushered him back out the door to enjoy golden Leprechaun chicken nuggets and I supped my soup in peace, happily engrossed in the Prisoner of Azkaban during this Harry Potter weekend.

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

Our realtor had called earlier in the morning to schedule a showing for that evening. I checked with the neighbors to see if Bug could hang out a little longer while the people came through, piled three dogs in the car and scooted to the end of our cul de sac--the perfect spot to eye spy on our visitors. They didn't stay long--with two little ones, the house is likely too small for what they need.

Back in the house and retuned to Harry, I hollered over at Bug to come home at eight. Church in the morning and he needed a shower before bedtime. These neighbors and their parties...Charlene sent him home with a "Bucket of Gold" (cutest little plant pot with a rainbow of pipe cleaners tied as a handle and filled with golden wrapped peanut butter cups and Ghiardelli eggs....) We sat in the kitchen as he divied up his stash, he shared his treasure with me--I love my Bug! So I shot the day sucking peanut butter out of chocoate cups, snuggied next to my sweet boy. What's a few extra calories in light of a precious moment like that?

I went to bed excited that I'd get to run in the morning--how I've missed that! I get to run today! And the chocolate is all should be a better caloric day anyway!

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