Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Non-thinker (You've Been Warned...)

Back to Meme-ing this morning since I can't seem to put the stupid non-flushing toilet out of my mind long enough to think on anything else (a serious OCD issue is potty breaks and when you possibly can't flush, forget concentrating on anything other than potty breaks...) This morning's meme is from
The Queen's Meme--more mindless questions, today about Trending....as if I know anything about trending 'cuz I'm so non-trendy...But, again, you were warned...

The What's Trending Meme

1. Political ticker: Santorum said "bull***t" on the campaign trail. Do you think this was necessary? This is why I don't follow politics. ALL of politics is bull***t and why would anyone be shocked that a politician would resort to cuss words? I mean, really--as much mudslinging they all do and as corrupt as they all are is one little swear word that big of a deal? But, is it necessary? Are politicians really necessary??

2. Entertainment: How hungry are you for The Hunger Games? I'm hungry to read the book, not so much the movie. Thanks to my friend, Missy, I now have the book to read...along with several dozen other books I need/can't wait to read!! Yeah, hungry!! And all the better--no high calorie movie theather popcorn to fatten the hips when you're simply enjoying the book...

3. What is trending on the blogging front is the death of blogging. Do you agree? And if so, have you made funeral arrangements for your blog? NOOOOO!! Well, doesn't that just figure--I finally commit to doing one regular creative thing and it's no longer gonna be 'a thing'. Great. Not the news I needed this morning. Who comes up with these stupid trends anyway??

4. Facebook: Do you like the new timeline? I do! I love the new profile look with the big background picture and it's prettier to look at the way it's laid out now, rather than just a boring ticker. Still don't like the scrolling ticker on the right side of the home page--there's too much there that I don't want to see, don't need to see, why is it there??

5. Nationally: The tragic Trayvon Martin story and vigilante Neighborhood Watch citizens with guns ready to shoot anything that moves. Do you think we should have Neighborhood Watch groups? What??? I don't watch the news...for good reason. Um, Neighborhood Watch groups, I think, are a good idea--but good neighbors watch out for other neighbors to begin with. I don't think we all need to be armed and dangerous...Scary, people....scary people...No wonder I'm so scared all the time...Who needs to watch the news???

6. Tweeters on Twitter are currently discussing the #IWasStupidEnoughTo hashtag. What were you stupid enough to do? Do tell. Most recently...watch my dog toss a chewie in the toilet as it was flushing and now the stupid toilet doesn't want to flush anymore (didn't we already go over this once this morning???) #IWasStupidEnoughTo repeat myself on my own soon to be dead blog....

7. On the Health Watch: Did you know that popcorn is full of antioxidants? Now that it's healthy, will you still eat it? Yeah! LOVE popcorn, but not movie theater popcorn (again, the repeating...) though, really, I do love movie theater popcorn (who doesn't???? All salt and extra butter please!!) Which is why I try not to go to movies...my butt is fat enough, thank you...

8. (Yes, I said 8!) The whole world is freaking out about fracking. Can you explain it to me? Okay, I had to Google what fracking is and it appears to be too boring to want to read about...I need to find someone to fix a toilet....

The Daily Meme


  1. I had the same sort of reaction to the death of blogging...it just figures! LOL

  2. I don't blog. Im not structured enough....ADD can really.....squirrel. ('nuff said). But I enjoy reading yours and a couple others. Especially when Im in the mood to read but not settled enough to "book" it. Please don't follow the dieing blog trend!!!


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