Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Thankful Tuesday

I'm running a week and a day late since I had stopped writing for a pause last week. I contemplated adding my list of gifts to yesterday's post, but babbled on so long about a day gone awry...Just today would be a better place to jump back in with gratitude and a breath...start fresh.

But before I count, I'm humbled by the love in my life--from my husband and son, friends, fuzzy, feathered pets, and, of course, from God. Poured over, covered completely, held up and held together in this life giving, heart filling love...so thankful for you all!

Counting on to 1000 Gifts:
171. Short school week, long weekend to play
172. A new Harry!
173. More new books--oh my!
174. Cleared to run--at last!
175. A day at home to catch up
176. Squash and peas-yum!
177. First phlox blooming bright

178. Stronger, farther run with no headache after--hope!!
179. A day warm enough for yard work
180. Dinner with chopsticks-penne with salmon and shrimp
181. Two more showings!
182. Electronic shopping lists
183. Steaming chamomile tea
184. Temperance when I feel weak
185. Perfect rainy day lunch (a lot of my thanks are for food...hmmm!)
186. Chores done early, head start on tomorrow
187. Prayers from and for friends
188. Rain soft on skylights
189. Game of Thrones in my mailbox!! 
190. Half day of school for Bug
191. Gorgeous Great Pyrennees at the vet's
192. Taxes DONE! Refund cometh
193. Our boys made second place in the Roll Offs! Go Team Eight!
194. Homemade spicy white bean soup for dinner--enough to last a week!
195. First robin spotted on the lawn
196. Letter from India
197. Coffee date with the gurlz and a french toast bagel (still with the food!)
198. Early morning birdsong
199. Fresh warm air and spring sunshine
200. Windows open on the back porch for a showing
201. Fresh breezes blowing through
202. "Cardboard Only" dumpsters (hunting for boxes to pack for moving...)
203. Turning the furnace OFF! and it's only March!
204. Brodie beak peeking between bars to snitch morning kisses
205. Bug and Tuck morning wrestling
206. Naming bones and giggling
207. Amazing fish fry dinner at St Fidelis! So full, probably don't need to eat for a week...
208. Three bowling trophies--what a great season! Go Bug!

209. Letter to Kiran
210. St Patty silliness

211.. Free Sheetz latte!
212. Running buddy and Mint M&M's!!
213. Spit battles--probably a thing only moms of boys would get...
214. Hot shower after sweaty PT---aaahhh!!
215. Daffodils blooming golden
And...drum roll....
216. Best anniversary gift: Hubby flying home for the weekend to celebrate eleven years!! Dancing in the clouds!!

Always thankful....

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  1. Grats to your little bowler and
    Happy Anniversary!!!!! :)


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