Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random Thoughts...

...because there is nothing happening out there in Meme-Land this morning and I've got nothing to link up with on Holy Experience today, so you get some random babblings from the mind of Dawn--aren't you glad you stopped by?

Last night around twelve-thirty, quarter to one-ish, I hear, "Mom..." I decide to ignore it, hoping it'll stop and go away. So not my luck. "Mom."...Not gonna answer...."Mooommm." If I don't hear dying, vomiting, gurgling bleeding out noises or smell smoke from the house burning down in the middle of the night, I better not be hearing my name, either...."Mmmmoooommmmm!!!" Oh for Pete's sake, "What??" "It's hot." Seriously?? "Sleep on top of the covers! Why would you wake me up to tell me that??" "I just wanted to make sure you were okay..." "I was MUCH BETTER when I was SLEEPING!!!" Sometimes that boy....ggrrrr...

Tucker found another big fat toadie in the back yard again yesterday. They play dead--did you know that? One of their defense mechanisms--pretty cool! He (Tucker) scared the living daylights out of the poor thing and it simply balled itself up tight, shut its eyes and prayed for the big scary brown barky thing to go away, please go away!! Tuck showed me his little treasure, half hidden under what might've been day lilies later this summer had Tucker not been living in the yard--they're completely torn up now--and I gathered up the frightened little fella:
Eyes shut tight and barely breathing--please don't eat me!!

I released him back into the wild of the front yard, free from Tucker attack and lots of crazy weeds to hide in. Be safe little toadie! Another fun toad fact: Toads can live up to thirty years! Who knew??

So, I tangled for a bit in the afternoon, working on the week's new challenge (No! No pics 'til next week--thought you'd try to trick me into showing early, huh?? Well, forget it!) And!! I was so excited to receive a comment on my blog for yesterday's tangle post from another tangler whose work I totally love! (You can check out LeAnne's work here--gorgeous!!) Well, I posted a comment on her page and I guess that prompted her to pop in and check out mine, and she wrote a really nice comment and I was all a twitter!! Haha! It's the little things in life...

And that's all I got today folks. There were probably a few more random thoughts rattling around the old noggin, but Michael got up and it's time to run, so further randomness will have to wait for another time...Happy Wednesday! 17 1/2 days left of school!!!

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