Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

This is a slate I painted oh so many years back...It sits on the sill of the back porch, still not packed yet, and I thought I'd stick it in as a little header one of these weeks to begin a gratitude post--and here it is. Now I can pack it. Haven't packed much this past week...haven't done much else other than tangle! I am completely obsessed...I'm seeing patterns in my sleep, then waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep with all the thoughts of tangles swirling through my head...I don't know if that's good or bad--but I do have a slew to share with you tomorrow for Artful Wednesday. At least it's been a creative week if not so much productive!

It's also been one of my better weeks so far this year-lots to be thankful for as I continue counting:
#394. Two nests! A blue jay and the beginning of some crazy cool hornet nest
I heard the babies while I was checking out the hornet's nest, looked up and there was a blue jay nest! So cool!

Okay, probably not a whole lot of hornet nest fans out there--but...and you can't tell from this pic, but it was shiny inside, like foil, and the hornet was wrapped up tight in the top but came down to look at me as I was checking out his handiwork-so beautiful! Sadly I did have to take the nest down...don't imagine it's a big help selling a house with a hornet's nest hanging right outside the garage...sorry Mr. Hornet!
#395. 90 lbs of Boxer mix baby who has to be the most endearing dog I've ever known...he makes me laugh every day and I just love him beyond words
#396. George RR Martin and being back in Westeros
#397. Lunch at school with my Bug and his friends
#398. Four and a half mile run--felt soooo good!!
#399. Groovy green wormie
I just thought he was so pretty...green on green

#400. Free Slurpees at 7-11! Gotta love free stuff!
#401. Big pot of spicy white bean soup....oh so good!!
#402. Easy breathing test
#403. Awesome kids librarian who took the time to find some cool books for Bug
#404. Sweet baby Jays
There's three and already so big!!

#405. A gorgeous sunny day shopping in Volant with my girls!!
#406. Followed by lunch at the Tavern on the Square--and more shopping!! Life is good!
#407. New baby grill to cook up some Memorial Day nummies for me 'n Bug
Isn't it perfect??

#408. Air conditioning--aaahhh...Who turned on summer??
#409. Baby Lenny back home where he belongs--happy, happy Mama

#410. A quick storm to drop the temps and windows open wide--at least for the night
#411. A perfect avocado...okay, it wasn't on my meal plan but it's not like I ate a tub of ice cream--it was an avocado!! Healthy!!
#412. A much cooler week ahead (so not a fan of summer...at least as long as we're still in PA and no where close to the ocean....ugh!!)

You can click over to join in counting your own thankfuls here at Thankful Tuesday.

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  1. I love the green worm on the green leaf. And AC is definitely on my list as well, Dawn. And nothing beats a perfect avacado. Thanks for sharing!


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