Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thankful/Artful Transistioning Tuesday...

I am all a-jumble this week...feel like I've knocked something loose in my head when I smashed into the door this weekend (yeah...like it wasn't already loose...sure, sure...) But do you ever have those weeks that just seem like a blur and no matter what you do to try to catch up, it all feels in vain and time just keeps slipping faster and faster away? I don't know what I did last week-I know I didn't accomplish much around the house, but it flew by and time was lost and my head was left spinning...

Fortunately this week I have very little on my To Do List. Not quite sure how I managed that, but one does not look the Gift of Time Horse in the mouth! Of course there's always that voice saying I should be weeding or packing or something more productive...Sitting drawing? Why does that give me so much guilt? At least I'm not planted in front of the TV, zoning to the neverending Greys reruns--now that is a waste of time.

But, I ramble...So this morning I'm switching to Thankful Tuesdays with Micha Boyett over at Mama:Monk. And Artful Someday might be on Wednesdays now since I've been trying to join in on the Five Minute Fridays with Gypsy Mama (all these Mama's, right?) Oh, we'll figure it out...And I kinda fell off my gratitude wagon last week--maybe that's why I was so out of sorts, I lost my focus on all the good I have going on...When Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked down at the swirling water and saw the storm, that's when he started to sink...hmmm...So, okay--my thankfuls this week:(and that just made me realize where I need to reshift my sight if I hope for this week to be any better than last...)

#358. A new letter from Walter
#359. Bug registered for horseback riding lessons at Lutherlyn
#360. Always time for strings
#361. The way he wrinkles his nose when he laughs silly
#362. Roasted beets and pink stained hands
#363. Time to tangle
#364. Rain relieving allergies
#365. Free coffee at Panera and time to enjoy with a friend
#366. Half a pound down--still losing
#367. Grass all cut and the yard looks pretty and neat
#368. Camp tuition help from church
#369. Rolling Stone with Peter Dinklage on my nightstand (with an interview with George, too!!)
#370. No damage to my neck or plate
#371. Missy, who's always there even when I don't ask, she's there anyway and I'm so grateful for her friendship =0)

And, this is last week's tangle:

The challenge was to incorporate the pattern Groovy, which is the ropey looking section in the middle. I only managed to finish one. I did start another but didn't like at all how it turned out, so scrapped it...The challenge for next week is color themed, sepia, and I'm excited to use a little color for a change! Hoping to produce more than one this week...That's the plan anyways...


  1. Dawn, I'm so mesmerized by the tangle! You'll have to fill me in sometime on what type of medium you're using. Thanks so much for linking up today and letting me have a peek into your life. Happy Thankful Tuesday!

  2. Hi Micha!
    Wow-I'm so excited you stopped by! The tangles are done simply with Micron pens-I've even used felt tips and gel pens, whatever you have on hand to color with! =0) You can learn more about tangling at Zentangle.com and Tanglepatterns.com--but, fair warning, it's highly addictive and a lot of fun! =0)


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