Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Thankful

I can hardly believe it's May already and we're a good week in at that...Where is the time going?? Yesterday was Camp Blast at Lutherlyn (a Christian camp close to home here where Michael will be spending his first week away from home this summer!!) It was a gorgeous, perfect day. They had a fantastic turnout. We enjoyed a free brunch-with our new pastor--of pancakes (with real maple syrup made right there at the camp!), scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fresh fruit...Then off to play games, find toads, stroll along the lake, make crafts, climb rock walls, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and just have an all out great time looking forward to the week of summer camp not all that far off in June...

The pups were all thrilled when we finally made it home, and the birds, too, since everyone was allowed out to play a while. Packed Bug's lunch, put dinner in the oven, and just relaxed the rest of the evening. And here we are back at Monday again, ready to start another busy week...Bug gets to make a tie-dye shirt after school one day, then he's off Friday for a day of in-service so I think we may head to the theater to see the new Avengers movie, and I have an appointment to begin some new tests on my heart, so we'll see what comes of that...I invited my mom up for Mother's Day but she 'has to see what else she has going on'--whatever that means, so it may just be me 'n my Bug celebrating, but that'd be okay by me.

And continuing counting to 1000 Gifts:
#340. Warmer weather (if rainy) at last
#341. Celebratory lattes with a friend starting a new job
#342. Finishing a good run strong
#343. Wearing my 8's!
#344. Dry skylights after the night's thunderstorm
#345. Another pound gone!
#346. Chickadees nesting in the clothesline pole
#347. Loki not biting anymore--yay!
#348. A text from a sweet friend in Ohio who I miss incredibly!
#349. Ceiling fans swirling cool air
#350. Squiggy hanging out with Blinkie and Skye in their cage

#351. Snuggling with Bug through the storm
#352. Best tangle yet (ooo-have to wait 'til tomorrow to see!)
#353. Blinkie kisses!! Five years we've had this little guy and these are the first kisses he's ever given!
#354. Toadies and tadpoles

#355. Hot dogs and S'mores over the campfire
#356. Rock wall climbing and beading

#357. Another week closer to summer break!

Always thankful...

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