Thursday, May 3, 2012

Check In Time Again

It's been a rough start to the day--again. Pea was up just after two, throwing up all over the bed. I seriously need to let these dogs sleep on the floor like the majority of dogs do in this world...Put her and Tucker out while I cleaned up the mess, watching flashes of lightening flickering in the darkness. I turned to see Michael watching me from the hall--scared the daylights out of me, you don't expect to see another face behind you in the middle of the night. The bedroom light and the rumbling thunder had woken him. Told him to grab his pillows and climb in--plenty of room since Sweet Pea had found herself newly evicted for the night.

We wiggled our legs around Tucker, who still retained his bed privileges, giggled and fought over the blanket from the sofa since my quilt was now laying at the bottom of the basement stairs waiting to be tossed in the washer come morning, watched the lightening getting brighter and closer as the thunder grew louder, and eventually he fell back to sleep. I must've too, had a weird dream as proof at least...Then five o'clock rolled around and McBug informed me I was late for getting up and could he play on the computer? Yesterday's headache still lingered behind my eyes nagging...

Up and inspected the skylights from the storm. Kitchen and bath dry as a bone, hallelujah, but both on the back porch were leaking. Two out of four isn't bad, right? Tucker's digging and growling at something in the backyard. I slip on flip flops and grab a flashlight to see what he's fussing over. A fat brown toad is balled up tight against big, curious, scratching puppy pawpaws and nose. Scoop the poor fella up and put him over the fence where he'll be safe--at least from my dogs. There's cats across the street--do cats bother toads? Tucker jumps all over me, smearing mud down my arms, apparently not happy that I wasn't fricasseeing one little toadie for his morning snack...Why can't everyone sleep in a little longer than I do just so I can have a few moments of sanity to start my day?

I got on the scale early this week, Tuesday morning down another pound (no change this morning--bah!) But that put me past my first five pound mark and off to the store to buy pretty new unders! Happy me! And, even happier me, I got back into my size eight jeans--snuggly, but in them nonetheless. I'll take it! I have another ten pounds to go before I start looking for new shorts or capris...Just happy to be on my way at last.

Busy day today--have to scoot over to Walmart to pick up a couple prescriptions, pop Bill's in the mail, then our NEW realtor is supposed to stop by with our lockbox and flyers. The old sign was finally taken down yesterday so hopefully the new one will be up in another day or two. Tonight I'm hoping to make it to a friend's art show at the mall if this headache will relent anyway...may not make it past the couch this afternoon if it doesn't. Almost the weekend...and twenty-two and a half days left of school--oh yeah, we're counting!!

Must Love God

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  1. What is with the dogs? Ours kept throwing up in the night this week, too! I'm thinking the loss of bed privileges would save me a lot of laundry!


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