Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artful Wednesday Once More

It's been a great week for tangling. I've broken out some color--some good, some not so good, but it's always fun to give something new a shot. The Diva's Weekly Challenge #72 is to do a mono-tangle (using just one pattern and its variations) with Crescent Moon. And I came up with the design below:
Crescent Moon
I have a couple more ideas I may play around with this week...and hopefully get them posted in time before the challenge deadline Saturday night....

Then, I was being a little playful with my colored markers and did the next two tangles...a bit too literal, I think. I'm not really crazy about either of them...The lamp idea came from these little lamps Kiran, the sweet boy I sponsor through World Vision, had colored for me last year. I have them stuck around the house to remind me of him when I see them and I've wanted to use the outline for a tangle--I'll have to try it again so maybe I can send it to Kiran when it's done...
All About V, Croon, Tipple, and Betweed

I'll definitely try this leaf again in different impact...
'Nzepple, Vacha 1, and Waves
I've also been obsessed with two of the patterns below-Paradox and Baton. The pink gave it just a touch of pizzazz...
Shing, Paradox, and Baton

More Paradox--I love the twisty, optical illusion, where's it going and how did it start look...
Paradox, 'Nzepple, and Btl Joos-sort of...
And Footlights caught my eye this week, so wanted to do something with it, though it's actually the least favorite part of this tangle for me! Haha! I love the wierd clam shell and mini-marshmallow thing happening (not official tangle patterns--just something that developed out of the ol' brain...) I was tempted to put a little color on this one, but where?? If I'd done it on watercolor paper I think a wash would be pretty...
Footlights and Swirls...the rest just happened...
So, that's been my week...I hope you've enjoyed the tangles and will stop back to see what I've done next week! 


  1. First to address the challenge piece. Wow, it feels like a celebration! and Second I love what you have done with the other tiles my favorite is the last. It is rich, unique, and just gorgeous!

  2. Wow!Each one of your lovely tiles speak of the hard work you have put in...they are gorgeous!

  3. I love the shiney interpretation of crescent moon. Well done, bold and beautiful.

  4. your monotangle of crescent moon is so bold and dynamic - I love it! Nice to see your other tiles, but I agree with ledenzer, your last one is the one that seems to pop. I like that pattern you've used in the leaf, but agree that it needs something....

  5. I love the red and black in the challenge piece. It is bold and emphatic. The fourth one is a mind bender! Terrific.

  6. Boy you sure have been busy! I like all of these, but especially the last one. It so many levels and textures and your shading and high lights are wonderful. Great work!

  7. you have beautiful work! and i like the touch of color! in your 4th tile, the one with shing, i really like the pink pops - so beautiful!

  8. I like your shiny Crescent Moon. Your last tile is really fun. It brings to mind a happy little bug of some sort.

  9. You have had a very productive week! So many tiles! Love your challenge piece. the red is such a great addition to the tile. I especially like the last tile, It has lots of energy.

  10. They all are very creative and beautiful!

  11. I love the glitz and the shine of your Crescent Moons. A candy cane delight for the eyes! Diana Hirsch

  12. I love all of the drawings, the first and last posts are my favorites! Fabulous fun with color!

  13. Just gotta love your cresent moon tangle. It has a lot of dephts and shine. Great work.

  14. isleofskyelorry on flickrJune 3, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    The crescent moon tile is fabulous, but I really LOVE the last tile. I think you might have hit on a new "marshmallow" pattern! Quick - post it before somebody else does!


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