Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's That Time Again

Well, I knew it was coming, especially after last week's teeny tiny drop of barely half a pound. Complete standstill this week. Ugh...So, okay, I did have a super huge giant tub of buttery movie popcorn last Friday when we went to see The Avengers (what a GREAT movie for those of you with little boys or little boys at heart who are all into superheros...Definitely a fun flick and okay, just look at Thor:
Chris Hemsworth--yummy!!
That alone is worth going to see the movie for....3D or not--just go. And Robert Downey Jr is pretty tasty as Iron Man--oh yeah, those big brown eyes!!) Anyway, so there was the popcorn and the cowtails, I did bring my own water, but I guess I never really cut back anywhere the rest of the week to allow for that overflow of calories and the scale gave me a big old nasty 'N'yah n'yah' this morning. I hate that thing...might just have to leave it here when we move--that'll show it!! Or a scale has feelings or recognizes abandonment--it's not me, for crying out loud...

But, onward and upward--a new week, popcorn and cowtail free at least. Oh, got a good check up from the doctor yesterday. The heart looked good. The head looked, well, bruised, but okay. Slight evidence of mild pulmonary hypertension and going for a pulmonary function test next week to check for COPD--hmph...All those years smoking, it had to bite me in the butt sooner or later. Later would've been preferrable...Smokers, quit. Quit now. Do yourselves a huge giant favor, just quit the stupid things.

All rightee then...I scribbled all the 'Up 'n Coming' events on my little dry erase board on the fridge for now through the beginning of July--the next two months are going to be a complete blur, which I guess is good. The more I'm occupied with life, the less I fuss about sitting here in PA still. I think we have one week with nothing on the calendar, which we can easily remedy with no trouble at all--playdates!! So ready for school to be out--almost....almost. Happy Thursday folks!

Must Love God

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