Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too Early in the Morning

I set my alarm last night for four a.m. in hopes of catching the new clue posting on Pottermore. I haven't set my alarm all summer, trying unsuccessfully to maybe learn how to sleep in. Ha!! I can make it to five most mornings, but that seems to be as late as I can manage. Apparently I have forgotten that setting my alarm only triggers some subconscious anxiety within me and I ended up waking an hour earlier, just before three...*grumble, grumble*...At least I didn't have to get out of bed. I booted my Galaxy tablet and checked Pottermore, it was still on the Day Two registration closing. Day Three's clue was yet to be posted. I turned off the tablet and rolled over, thinking foolishly I could try to get back to sleep. So not. I was already nervous about missing the clue but still didn't want to get up. I laid there a while, listening to Ruby snoring and Sweet Pea barking softly in her sleep--probably dreaming about scolding Tucker for stealing one of her chewies (like there aren't a good dozen more scattered about the house at any given time--he HAS to have the one she has and she will defend it to the very end! Siblings!!)  Just before four, I gave it up and rolled out of bed as quietly as possible, hoping the dogs would stay put. Yeah, no. Tucker bounced out of bed and headed straight to the back door to go out. Pea sneezed, stretched, and yawned. She needs help getting down, the bed's too high for her short little Basset legs to jump. Ruby lifted her head in disbelief, apparently not ready to face the day but reluctantly dragged herself out to the kitchen for her share of treats once the other two came in from outside.

Coffee on. Dogs pottied and treated and on their way back to bed until the rest of the house wakes up. Broke out the laptop and my Bible. I read Scripture every morning and prayer journal. It's my first priority to start the day right. This week, however, I confess I put Pottermore first...I so want early access to the site and October is forever away!! So, pulled up the internet and clicked my Pottermore bookmark. Still Day Two closing. Okay. I read and I journalled and hit refresh every few minutes. I even pulled out Prisoner of Azkaban so I'd have it ready to scan for the day's answer. Finished journalling. Checked my email, looked over Facebook, and did all my Spark People links. I had Pottermore open on another tab and kept refreshing the page...no changes. Paranoia begins to set in...has the link changed? Refresh. Refresh. Nothing. Keep trying.

Finally I decided to pull myself away for a minute and go fix some breakfast. Poured a bowl of frosted mini-wheats and turned the coffee off so it wouldn't be too burnt by the time Bill has to get up. Refreshed the Pottermore page and There It IS!!! Clue Three!! My heart jumped in my chest and I flipped frantically through the book, scanning for the answer. Once I had that, I followed the clue and actually found the magic quill! I couldn't believe my luck-I was in!! Tomorrow I can sleep...at least until five...

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