Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Mascot

I did a poor job yesterday with my photo opportunities. And it wasn't for lack of shots to choose from, my brain just wasn't up to speed with the challenge, I guess. I was on the recovery side after a three day migraine episode and things were still rather fuzzy--functional, but fuzzy, and it was enough for me to keep up with just the basic necessities of the day. The peripheral extras loomed just out of reach. Fortunately, I have dogs who graciously step in on days such as this to help me out. Here is Sweet Pea, modelling Life Beneath the Couch Cushions. How brilliant is she? Thank goodness for my Pea.

Today is an exciting day. I am picking up a little lutino cockatiel baby to handfeed along with my single parrotlet hatchling! This will be my first experience with handfeeding birds, so I'm nervous and anxious about mixing the formula correctly, keeping it warm enough but not too hot, making sure it goes down the babies' esophaguses and not their windpipes. Such tiny, little lives to take on a big responsibility for! So, the friend who sold us our parrotlets has kindly offered to let me foster this little cockatiel to not only keep the baby parrotlet company in the brooder, but also to help boost my confidence in feeding since cockatiels are supposed to be much easier and more cooperative at being handfed than those tiny little parrotlets! I've even got them named already--Lenny and Squiggy. Lenny will be the cockatiel, the taller, skinnier of the pair, and the short, crazy parrotlet will, of course, be Squiggy. I can't wait to watch them growing up together in the brooder, mismatched best friends. Aren't those friends always the greatest? And you can definitely count on LOTS of pictures as the two get bigger every day!

And we are finally on the wind down of summer. Day camps and swim lessons are all done for the season and we've only got a few precious weeks left before that big yellow bus swoops my Bug off to school again. The youth bowling league registration is later this week. Bug and I are both looking forward to seeing our friends from last year and getting him back in practice for the season ahead. Then there's dentist appointments and last minute back to school supply shopping that still needs to be done. Tucker will finish up Puppy Class next week. The annual corn roast at Weckerly's farm is always a favorite and we have a couple birthdays to celebrate as well. Still lots to enjoy before we say farewell to summer and welcome in the fall...

Pea's had enough modelling for the day...

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