Friday, August 5, 2011

A Happy Accident

Yesterday turned out to be one of those crazy, topsy-turvy days. I could've let it go all bad for me-I was perfectly primed to head in that direction with the lack of sleep from the night before with Tucker being sick. I confess, most days I would just let myself fall into that predilection--too tired and too selfish to care who had to deal with my grumpiness. All I wanted was sleep. But I couldn't quiet my mind enough to settle down for a nap. I had found a discrepancy on my account with Verizon, albeit of my own doing...nevertheless, I was angry. And when I'm angry, I can't sleep. I tried to breathe it out...get to that happy place, to relax. All I could think about was that upcoming charge for trying to make our monthly cell phone bill I gave in, got up, and, against my better judgement, grudgingly called customer service. There had to be some way to straighten out our bill without being charged for my mistake.

I am an emotional girl. Okay, that's quite an understatement. I am a vast, swirling ocean of emotion walking around on land on two legs. And when I'm tired, my emotions typically run rampant, tsunami style, lashing out at whoever or whatever is in my path, without any discretion or discrimination, soon to be followed by a biting backlash of regret and remorse. I'm not proud, I'm just being honest. Knowing this was part of my not wanting to deal with Verizon's customer service. I was tired, coupled with angry, and that usually leads to either crying or cursing, neither of which I wanted to unleash on the unsuspecting person who would unluckily answer my call.

Somehow, thank goodness, the Spirit intervened and I ended up having a very positive experience with the rep who answered. He not only fixed what I had messed up, back dated and re-creditted everything so I wouldn't be double charged like I had worried about, he was even able to change my upgrade date so I could get a new phone without stealing my husband's upgrade like I usually do! So now I'm getting the phone I originally fell in love with last year when we were shopping for our current phones, which now no longer requires a data package, letting me eliminate that charge from my bill and still have a really cool texting phone. Sooo happy! I even told the rep I loved him--that's happy!!

Then, later in the afternoon, as I was thinking about a subject for my Project 365 picture, I spied our resident pair of hummingbirds zipping by the feeder above our garden. Every time I've tried to snag a shot of these two, they're long gone by the time I manage to find and turn on my camera. So, rather than be defeated once again, I thought I'd just take a snapshot of the feeder and add some wisenheimer caption about our two fleeting visitors who SHOULD be in the picture but conveniently disappear before the lens. Then, just as I leveled the camera and focused on the feeder, one of the hummingbirds swooped in and landed for a sip of nectar! I couldn't believe my luck! If that doesn't qualify as a Bob Ross happy accident, then I surely don't know what else does! I managed a couple quick shots before he was off and gone again...the icing on my cake! Yeah, yesterday was a good day after all....

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