Sunday, August 28, 2011

119 Days Until Christmas!

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again! Michael heads back to school this week and I get to break out my Christmas planner! Today begins the first week of both the Houseworks Holiday Plan and the Holiday Grand Plan--my favorite countdown to the holidays from Organized Christmas online. They offer cleaning and organizing schedules to get the house prepared for guests and holiday meals along with shopping and wrapping planners, gift lists and recipe ideas. Joy!! I've got a little start on my Christmas shopping and now it's time to really get crackin'! List making begins in earnest. Seventeen weeks between now and Christmas, which may sound like a lot right now, but as fast as this summer has gone, you can trust the rest of the year will go just as quick!

Now, there are two main organizing plans to this program--the Houseworks Holiday Plan and the Holiday Grand Plan. They both cover cleaning, organizing, shopping, menus, with every little detail you need to attend to between now and Christmas, then even carry over into New Years. I'm game for anything that helps me stay grounded and focused on what I can do to make the holidays go smoother! Life is stressful enough on a daily basis without added shopping, budgeting, baking, wrapping, cleaning, and decorating all heaped on top that pile! Then, later on there's a six week Christmas Countdown, mainly for those who aren't as eager to get such an early headstart, and I'll incorporate the tasks from that list into my ongoing master list just to be double sure I don't miss a beat.

This week I'll be busy going over lists: creating a master gift list, Christmas card list, goodies to bake list, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus, a master ingredients list, inventorying leftovers from last year--cards, wrapping paper, cookie and candy tins--all getting an idea in my head of what I need for this year, spreading all the shopping out over the next seventeen weeks so the expense is that much easier to bear, especially considering we don't use credit cards at all. No cash, no buy...that simple.

I know a lot of folks don't want to be bothered with thinking about the holidays so early on, but basic planning along with watching sales coming up from back to school, Labor Day and Black Friday, can save a huge chunk of cash, time, and aggravation. Plan your Thanksgiving menu now and buy the non-perishable items as they go on sale at the grocery stores. Then you won't be hit with a whopping charge at the check out like you would if you wait until the last minute. And who doesn't need to save money these days? Seriously--introduce's always good to have rich friends! Haha! 

For those of you who are curious but not at all anxious to jump on the early Christmas bandwagon, there is a link on their page for Halloween ideas...and that's not far off at all! Michael wants to be Mordecai from the Regular Show this year--really?? I don't sew and somehow I don't imagine this will be a pre-made costume one can buy off the rack at Walmart...I wonder how crafty Grandma is feeling??? Hopefully we can convince him to be something different this year instead.

So here's the link: Take a peek when you get a minute. You might just find the inspiration you've looking for and get swept up in the Christmas spirit just a little bit earlier this year!

Squiggy at home in his new cage

Cuddling with his buddy

I thought this morning that maybe I should've kept Lenny a little longer to help Squiggy learn to wean--it's supposed to be easier if they have an older 'sibling' to show them the ropes. But after his morning feeding, I refreshed his dish of seeds and egg food and he dug right in, crunching away on his own! Mama's so proud! He fussed a little bit last night at having to go to bed without the brooder light on, but settled down soon enough. I think having his giraffe buddy is helping the transitions go a little easier for him...someone to keep him protected and warm when he feels like he's all alone in his big new cage. Baby Squiggy's not so much a baby anymore...they all grow up too fast!!

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  1. Shame on you (and thank you) for pointing out how close we are to Christmas. I'm already realizing how far behind I am (according to the planner).

    Let the stressers commence! LOL

    Love you,


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