Friday, August 19, 2011

Letting Lenny Go

Well, I finally decided yesterday that we would not be keeping Lenny. Our bird room is full with Brodie, the parakeets, Crash and Burn, and soon Baby Squiggy will move in there, too. We just don't have enough room for another cockatiel cage. I thought about moving them all to the back porch if we could use some baseboard heaters for the winter out there but realized we'd still get an awful draft everytime the doors were opened to let the dogs in and out. So, no bird room back there. And now Mama Jenny will come to pick up Baby Lenny Sunday morning. I'll be sad to see him go, he's been so much fun. He's such a sweet little cuddler and loves to snuggle up for kisses after eating. We're all going to miss him!

Tucker finished puppy class last night. The puppies got to run around and play for a bit before getting down to business reviewing all the skills they've learned through class: sitting for attention, downs, staying, heeling, recalls, and then they got to show off any extra tricks they'd learned at home. Sisters Nola and Harley both learned how to roll over. Sonny danced. Gracie gave a double high five and Tucker did a military crawl. Smart, smart puppies. We had a quick relay race and Tucker finished third after Harley and Gracie. We had some snacks and drinks to celebrate their graduation, then, the big moment we all had waited for-the drawing for the class prize basket....and Tucker won!! He got a huge stash of treats and toys, along with a new leash and a treat training pouch--lucky, lucky Tucker! We scooped up all our prizes after class was over, saying a sad farewell to all our puppy friends. Hopefully we'll get to see them again at the Doggie Fun Day next month at Alameda Park.

We've got a full weekend ahead, playdates and bowling with Michael's besties, Shane and JJ, and Sunday my sister's coming in from Ohio so we can take our uncle out for his birthday to my favorite little restaurant in New Wilmington-the Tavern on the Square, then spend some time browsing around town or maybe over in Volant for the afternoon. Sounds like a perfect day to me!
Lenny and Brodie

Bug 'n Tuck

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