Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perseverance in spite of it all...

Hmmmphh...I didn't sleep last night. I might've dozed in and out, but most of the night was spent digruntedly awake. I confess I am a bed hog--big time. I am a girl with long limbs and I like as much spreading out room as possible. Unless it's winter, then I'm a blanket hog and I want to be all bundled up in as much warmth as I can cocoon around myself. But, it is most certainly not winter, and last night was spent on a camp cot, on top of a slippery sleeping bag, due to my puppy Tucker being awful sick yesterday. He had a couple accidents in the kitchen while we were out, that sent my husband into a gagging fit and running as fast as possible back out the door to go golfing and get away from the horrific smell. Yeah honey, I'll get that--you just go. Thanks. Blow kisses....I'm the mom. I get the fun clean up jobs. My price for not earning a paycheck. But, a good scrubbing and dousing with bleach, a few lit candles to freshen the air, and we were back in business. Until dinner time and Tucker lost his all over the back porch floor. see where my night was going....

Since we're still not 100% housebroken yet, I didn't want to risk any more nasty accidents in the middle of the night, either on the carpet, or worse, my bed. I decided to drag out the camp cots and sleeping bags and have Camp Night! out on the back porch so I wouldn't have to abandon Tucker to a solitary night shut out on the porch all by himself (I have mentioned I spoil my dogs??) Hubby had just pulled up the porch carpet earlier that morning, preparing to lay ceramic tile back there next week, so if Tucker had an accident, it wouldn't matter one bit on the scrappy bare floor. Michael started out all gung-ho for Camp Night! but quickly bailed on me to be back in his own room with his lava lamp night light and much comfier mattress. Tucker happily commandeered the now vacant cot as his own, which was great as there wasn't room to share mine with him! Heck, there wasn't room for me on it! I tried to get comfortable, but the side bars were cold and unyielding under my arms and legs, trying to stretch out like they typically do. The slippy sleeping bag shifted lumpily underneath me and the humidity of the night made my pillows feel damp. I was in for a very long night...

The good news is Tucker slept like the baby he is and had no more accidents the whole night through. He's kept down his breakfast of rice and ground chicken this morning and appears to be well on the mend. My biggest problem now is avoiding the glaring jealous eyes of the other two, wondering where their chicken and rice might be...I'm so not coming back as a mom in my next life!!

Our carpet-less back porch
Camp Night! cots

Nighty-night Tuck!

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