Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project 365-Day three's photo

This is Michael's last week at Camp Alameda. They host a summer day camp with a different theme each week. I let him pick three weeks, one for each month of the summer so he'd have something fun to look forward to. We don't have any kids his age on our street for him to play with, so I thought he'd have a great time at day camp being with a bunch of other kids. They swim every day, do different theme-related activities, and are outside enjoying the summer sunshine. It's not been 100% great--he had a much better time the week he went to Lutherlyn this year. But it's had to have been better than him sitting at home, bored with the TV and the computer, and not knowing what to do with himself other than argue and fight with me all day or antagonize the dogs for lack of anything better to do. We'll still have a couple more weeks to fill up before school starts. There's still a few friends we haven't had a chance to see over the summer. Maybe a movie or a day at Moraine. I still can't believe it's August already and summer's begun winding down...it just goes faster every year.

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