Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Time

It's been a great week for old movies. Fried Green Tomatoes, The Secret Life of Bees, and Untamed Heart are all now on my dvr. The first two make me long for the south. Life is simpler, slower, and sweeter down south. Steel Magnolias is another favorite great southern movie. But, I've lived down south--and life wasn't anything like these movies. Okay, I know cinema romanticizes everything and both Fried Green Tomatoes and Secret Life of Bees are set in a much earlier time period, so maybe life was a little more romantic back in those days...Maybe we just weren't far south enough, or maybe because we were Yankees we weren't embraced as heartily into true southern culture. Maybe I'm just a sap who needs to spend more time in reality rather than lost in movie land...

Untamed Heart just taped last night so I haven't had a chance to watch it yet--hopefully later on today I'll find some couch time after the chores and taking Michael down to pre-bowl are done. Talk about a romantic movie--this has to be my favorite love story of all time! I've always loved Christian Slater and the sweet innocence of his character in Untamed Heart will melt anyone's heart, for sure!

But, back to reality--one last day to enjoy or endure before school is finally in full swing tomorrow. I have a short list of chores to take care of and thought we'd run down to the bowling alley and have Michael pre-bowl a series. They'll let you save pre-bowl scores just in case you can't make it to the regular league session. I like to have at least a couple pre-bowls under our belt in case Michael ends up sick one week. It's always better to be prepared, in my opinion. Then maybe we'll have a farewell to summer ice cream treat after dinner tonight...and an early bedtime...That big yellow bus will be here bright and early tomorrow! Yay!! But the truth...it'll hit me how much I'll miss my Bug once that big yellow bus pulls away with him on it...*sigh* It's been a good, good summer. I love you Bug!!

Look at ME!!

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