Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Big Day for Squiggy

Today Baby Squiggy moves to a big boy bird cage. His feathers are filling in beautifully, looking lush and green with brilliant blue accents on his wings and rump. My little pink, blind baby is no more. He’s learning to perch and loves to nibble on corn bread and millet now. Pretty soon I expect him to try out his wings and give the room a whirl. Ah, how fast they grow up…I want to teach him to talk and whistle like our cockatiel, Brodie. Can’t wait to hear what his voice sounds like!

Today is also a happy one for Michael as the youth bowling league season begins this morning. I think we’re both looking forward to catching up with our old friends and other  familiar faces from last season and seeing how well Michael can improve on his average this year. I hope to enter him in more tournaments this season, and maybe even win him a little scholarship money along the way. The kid can really bowl and I love watching him improve every week.

Our only sad note this morning is about our Ruby girl. I had to run her to the vet’s yesterday with a severe ear infection.  As many ear infections as she’s had over the years, I’ve never seen her look as bad as this. Her poor ear is swollen and pussy and was even seeping blood yesterday before we made it to the vet. My main concern, aside from the severity of the infection, is that it’s on the same side as her sinus infection last month. I worry that this is cancer presenting in outward infections. The vet put an antibiotic cream in her ear and I have drops to give her twice a day for the next two weeks. Then we go back for a follow up visit. She’s rather mopey this morning, which I can’t blame her at all. If my ear felt as bad as hers looks, I’d be pretty sad myself.

I tried to snag a snapshot of our neighborhood’s blonde squirrel yesterday as it scampered along the telephone wires across the street but he was way too fast for me and all I got was a tiny blurry shot of his rump. We are also host to an albino white squirrel and frequently see the two of them nibbling on seeds and such in various neighbors’ yards up and down the street. I found a couple shots online of white squirrels since I never have my camera on me when ours is out and about…so these will have to substitute for my photo of the day. Deal with it…

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  1. I thought I had an albino squirrel. Turns out he's a blonde (little fella didn't have pink eyes).
    He can become acustomed to eating here. To the point that if the feeder in low or empty (heaven forbid); he will sit on the porch rail and wait for me to walk by the window. When he sees me, he begins to chitter at me. Letting me know just how displeased he is with the food service here. If that isn't bad enough, I do believe he has taught the other squirrels to do the same. Can you imagine my chagrin to be chastised by them?
    And they must find me amusing. Because I've looked out the window to see them lounging on that same porch rail. Streched out like they're at the Ritz for tree rats. LOL



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