Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days

I am running behind this morning. I'd gotten up a few times during the night, checking on a website in hopes of finding the clue for this game but it wasn't posted until almost five. Then I spent another hour in hopes of registering in time after solving the clue but apparently wasn't fast enough and now I have to wait to try all over again tomorrow. Drat! Foiled again...I'll have to set my alarm for four tomorrow!!

So, after wasting most of my morning on that, I didn't get my Monday run in on time. I rushed in and out of the shower, whisked Michael through getting dressed, fed, and teeth brushed, and out the door in time for his last week of day camp. Then off to Target for a few back to school supplies and Aldi's for some groceries. Home to laundry and my Monday cleaning. I did at least get a good power walk in first and figured I'd better sit down and write first before the day got away from me and I discovered a multitude of excuses why I could just try to write tomorrow...That's always been my downfall, procrastination--evil procrastination. But not today. I won't allow it.

Unfortunately I don't have any new baby bird pictures to show here. The egg I was sure would hatch yesterday is still completely intact and now I'm worried it may not hatch at all. I pulled Mama Crash from the nest box to examine the remaining eggs this morning and they're all toasty warm. So I won't give up hope just yet.

 What I do have are puppy pics! Puppy pics are always fun. I declared yesterday Dog Day. Ruby has been shedding puffs of white fur all over the house so much, I've had a hard time keeping the tumbleweeds under control! They billow out from under the furniture, cluster in the corners, and catch in the cold air return in the hallway. So I took Ms. Boo out back for a good brushing and clouds, not mere clumps, but a deluge of white fur clouds just poured off of her. Normally I would simply leave the fur in the yard for birds to gather up to line their nests but this seems to really aggravate my husband. He's not typically a complainer, but leaving fur all over the yard somehow sends him over the edge. So I collected as much of her fur into my weeding basket and deciced I'd dump it in the garden instead. He still had something to say about that, but I've read it's actually a good thing to compost pet hair in the garden, so I won this battle!

Then there's Tucker. I found him fast asleep in the office, quite comfy atop the pillows in the cool air conditioning. I am frequently accused of spoiling my dogs. Guilty as charged--he just looked too blissfullly content to want to make him move! Once he wakes up, he'll find enough trouble on his own--I don't see any need to rush that...
Sweet Dreams Baby Tuck

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