Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweet Summertime

I’ve really  been enjoying this Project 365. Obsessive/compulsive that I am, I try to plan for the day’s photo, though maybe it’s supposed be more random? But I think more about my day, what stands out, what I would want to remember. It also made me move beyond myself last night. I am in the middle of a particularly bad migraine episode and, ordinarily, I would’ve gladly opted to stay at home, crawl into bed and make an early night of it. But, my photo-I had to get the day’s photo.  And I knew I wanted to take it at the car cruise that evening as that’s one of our family’s favorite summer activities. So migraine notwithstanding, we all piled into the car for the evening’s adventure.

Before we even made it to the cruise, we spotted this wild van at the gas station. We had actually seen it last week at the same spot and stopped in to get a closer look. The paint job is absolutely amazing and even the interior is decked out in crazy psychedelic purple plush from the dashboard, seat covers, and even the carpet throughout the back. Talk about love at first sight!! Fortunately at this spotting I had my camera in tow so we stopped and snagged a shot before continuing on to the car cruise.
It didn’t take me long to spy my favorite car of the night, a 1923 Woody Ford Model T.  By far, this was the coolest car I’d seen in a long time! I don’t know why I’m so drawn to these old cars. There’s just something about the nostalgia they inspire, a longing for simpler times, of days gone by. I try to imagine what life would have been like back then. Harder, maybe. Slower indeed, sweeter. You would definitely have time, and the inclination, to stop and smell the roses. Today everything is such a rush, a race to get as much done in as little time as possible. Roses? Who has time for roses? They may not have had all the modern conveniences back then that we have today, but what convenience is it really if you’re too busy, too hurried, too impatient, to enjoy the gifts of the day you’ve been given?
So I got my photo and, after strolling through the rest of the cars, we stopped inside the gift shop for some ice cream. Found ourselves a seat out on the front porch and enjoyed a little more of the music and people watching before heading home for the night. It was definitely worth pushing past the migraine to enjoy some family summer time.
My sunshine
Michael took this pic of a license plate

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