Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby pics

Today's blog is all pictures...I'm tired and I need to go for a run this morning before I have to get the pork butt in the oven here soon so it's ready in time to take to our friends' corn roast this afternoon. I'm thankful the rain looks like it's going to hold off today after the torrential downpour we had last year for the corn roast--blue skies and clear sailing ahead!

So our little babies are growing so quickly! I fall more in love every day with their quirky little personalities...and I may change Squiggy's name to Cricket since she chirps just like a cricket when she's hungry! Too too too cute! Lenny is learning to perch, he'll sit up on the side of the bowl and climb over to my hand to watch while I feed Squiggy--like her protective big brother, or maybe just jealous, still hungry sibling, like 'Don't forget about me up here!!' Haha! They're always cuddled up close in the brooder--Squiggy will even climb up on Lenny's back to sleep sometimes-so sweet! It's been a really tiring week getting up early to feed the babies and staying up late to feed them before bed, but I'm so thankful to have had this experience! Watching them grow and seeing their personalities emerging is so much fun! I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Snuggled up in the brooder, baby Squiggy likes to cuddle for extra warmth

Fed, full, and happy, Baby Squiggy falls fast asleep in my hand
Lenny, almost four weeks old, is a total ham for the camera--this one is chock full of personality!

Lenny learning to perch on the side of their bowl and baby Squiggy ready for sleepies

Best friends

Just a refresher--baby Sqiggy at three days quickly she's grown!

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