Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

It's here at last: the home stretch to the holidays, and we're off to a chilly start! The furnace has struggled to compete all night with the frosty temperatures outdoors. I keep the thermostat set at sixty-five degrees. I like having to snuggle in sweaters and blankets. There's a reason we buy warm, fuzzy bathrobes and soft, fleece-lined slippers-it's winter! We're not meant to wear shorts and t-shirts year round. It's time to bundle up, slip under that snuggie, and wrap yourself around a dog, a kid, or both. I love close, cozy, cuddling. All the better if you have snow falling outside to watch, but alas, we may have to wait a while longer for that this year. Everything in its time.

So this portion of the year has its other issues: treats and parties and sugary sweets abound. I decided at last that I am not baking this Christmas. As much as I love giving tins full of homemade goodies to neighbors, friends, and family, I thought our own waistbands don't need the added temptation of a freezer full of cookies, cakes, and breads this season. I've been off my diet and workout schedule for the past week or so due to feeling like crud with this cold Bill and I are still fighting, and I can feel it in my clothes. We are a few short weeks away from Christmas and I'd like to make it into the new year at least wearing the same size jeans as I started this past year. So no cookies. Certainly Santa will get his fill at every other house come Christmas Eve...

I've downloaded Spark People's December calendar for 31 Days to Healthier Holidays. I think it's a great place to start this month and hopefully a helpful reminder to avoid unwanted decadence and added fat and calories. I need to get back on track fitness wise as well, no more excuses. This cold is well enough behind me, just a lingering tickle in my throat. Certainly not a reason to avoid the treadmill and a round of Zumba! Time to get a-movin'!! Here's wishing you all a healthier, happier, holiday season!
Get out and play!

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