Friday, December 23, 2011

Here We Go Again...

Well, we made it official yesterday and announced we are moving to New England next year. Bill has taken a promotion with his job that has us relocating...again. I'm at least thankful he is staying with the same company this time so we won't have to go through the typical ninety day probationary period without health insurance like we've endured in the past when he's changed jobs completely--Michael was always guaranteed to fall sick during those three months without fail. So that's one bonus.

Another bonus is that we'll finally be close to Bill's family. His parents and siblings all migrated from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts and Connecticut decades ago, then his daughter followed suit and moved north as well a few years back. In the back of my mind (a frightening place to be...) I always figured it was only a matter of time before we ended up there ourselves, especially once Ashlee made the move--after all, that's where our eventual grandbabies will be! (Not rushing anyone, just sayin'...grandbabies!!)

Add to the fact that Bill's parents are both in their nineties and declining health-wise, and Bill's sister had taken on the responsibility for their daily care after moving them into her house over five years ago. It'd be nice to be close not only to spend this remaining time with his parents but to also give his sister a much needed hand and an occasional break from this weight on her shoulders. I would've given anything to be with my dad and now that he's passed I can't get that time back. I certainly don't want Bill to end up with the same regrets that I have.

The icing on the cake is that we're moving to NEW ENGLAND!!!! I have dreamed my whole life of living in New England, fell head over heels when I visited there as a kid with my family, and  grew ever more enchanted (mostly with Maine) through my devout teenage reading of every book Stephen King had written, since most of his novels take place in or around Maine (and he lives there, too! So going stalking...!!!) I mean, come on--it's GORGEOUS there! There's both mountains AND ocean! Sea ports and breathtaking landscapes--I think autumn in New England wins hands down over anywhere else in the world. The region is richly steeped in history. It's artsy--quaint gift shops, galleries and museums are everywhere up there. It's everything I've ever wanted rolled up all together--could a girl be any happier??

So, Bill heads off to New York right after the new year to begin training. I'll at least have him home on the weekends for a few weeks. Then in February he heads to Massachusetts for good, staying with his sister, while Michael and I remain in PA until the house sells. I'm dreading the selling and the packing and the separation, the ridiculous nightmare we always have to drudge through waiting, waiting...I'm praying for patience and strength to see us through and a quick, smooth sell, for once...please?? And I hate leaving more friends behind, and my family here...but give an open invitation to come visit anytime!! New England, baby!!

Need I mention the snow?? Massachusetts gets almost double the amount of snow we have here in PA--double!! Autumn mountains, ocean summers whale watching, double stuff snowy heart is already singing,'s happening...New England! Happy...

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