Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I Want for Christmas

Isn't that the worst-trying to figure out what YOU want for Christmas? I have no trouble shopping for others on my list and when I'm out I do see lots of goodies that I would love to have, but do I need them? Most likely not. But when someone in the family asks what I want for Christmas, I always come up blank. I don't know...I don't need anything...I don't even really want anything other than for the kids to enjoy Christmas. And snow. But I haven't figured out a way to buy snow for Christmas morning...look out when I do! Blizzard!! Hahaha!

What I would like...hmmm. All right, if I have to come up with a wish list, here it is:
~Nightwoods by Charles Frazier (or an Amazon gift card-one can never go wrong with books...)
~The Hobbit by Tolkien--I want to start the Lord of the Rings trilogy but think I ought to start by rereading the Hobbit first, it's been way too long...
~Candles-I love candles, especially vanilla and buttercream or spicy cinnamony pumpkiny scents
~Painting goodies--I'm totally digging these watercolor pencils, more of those and good heavy, watercolor paper tablets! And drawing supplies, too--yeah!
~A wonky, funky scarf that looks like it should belong in the trash rather than wrapped around one's neck. You know the kind, the ruffled, fringy, twenty different kinds of yarn twisted all together (yeah, I'm weird...big shock there)
~Hallmark has the most incredible looking bootie slippers called Snoozies---aaahhhh, yes!! I would never take them off!!
~The Inspirational Study Bible by Max Lucado, but it's out of print--woe is me...
~A new, thick, plush, soft fuzzy bathrobe to go with my thick, plush soft fuzzy Snoozies (color coordinated or not...I'm not that picky)
~Christmas earrings...though I don't wear earrings much...but I like cute snowmen and snowflake earrings...it's a snow thing....
~A new blender-mine is cracked and leaks...a little...messy...No one likes a mess, especially moms who have to clean it up...
~An Ugly Doll--wanted one for YEARS but hubby won't buy me one 'cuz he thinks it's juvenile--his point??
~Oh! A milk frother thing for homemade cafe au lait's---joy!! Okay, a cappuccino maker would be pretty awesome, too...with oversized Christmas mugs to drink them from! Love Christmas mugs....

So there you have it, my Christmas Wish List 2011. I will gladly message you my address if you want to mail me any of these goodies! Haha! I hope you all get whatever it is you're wishing for this Christmas and more!

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