Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Internet Addict

If it's not one thing, it's another. First there was Twitter, which gave way to Facebook. Now after so many ridiculous changes on Facebook, I've found myself back on Twitter again. I pop back and forth between the two throughout the day, tweeting and facebooking--just in case I might miss something...anything...Really, I think I need to just pick a lane and stick to it!

And it would great if that lane would NOT be Facebook because on Facebook is the Sims Social. Oh, how I've lost my life to the Sims Social. It's relentless, endless, and flat out stupid. You create a little mini-you, build a little mini-house, add little mini-friend neighbors, clean up your mini-yard, and then! It's completely materialistic: you have to build more rooms, buy more furniture and decorate everything just so, and the game shows your standing amongst your peers--the value of your home compared to the others and encourages keeping up with the Sims-Joneses. And if that wasn't enough, they give you these quests to do, some of which require being not nice to neighbors, or starting gossip...I know it's not 'real', but still, it makes me uncomfortable. I wouldn't do it in real life, why would I want to do that in a game? Yeah, it's gone...(Sorry Jen!!)

Then, I used to be an Amazon addict, spending countless hours on their 'recommendations' list, browsing, shopping, dreaming and drooling over oodles of books I just had to have. Now there's Goodreads, which pretty much does the same thing without the added temptation of a simple click to buy the books. It's actually a little better as you rate the books you read, then it compares books you like with your friends' ratings, and creates a recommendation list comprised of similar books your friends loved. It could go on forever! My To-Read list has just crossed over 100 books! I downloaded the Goodreads app to my tablet so I have a handy dandy on the ready list of my To-Read books for trips to the library and used bookstores...but I'm promising myself to not buy any new books until I get through the stack I already have piled up. Bill's heard that one before...

Now there's Pinterest...I may never get off the computer ever again! The beauty behind Pinterest is...the beauty! When you sign up, they have you check off certain things that interest you: home decor, food and entertainment, travel, pets, books, etc...Then they create a list of people who share your same interests, and link you up to your friends on Facebook who are on Pinterest. These folks are who you now 'follow'. The gist behind Pinterest is to create 'pinboards' of things you love from the internet. When you pin something, it grabs the photo and you pin it to one of your boards (Home, Recipes, Books, etc...) Then, there's one main board that shows all your friends' pins--it's virtual eye candy! You can browse these boards, repinning friends' pins to your boards, liking and commenting...then browsing the internet to find more stuff to pin on your boards...I think this could be very dangerous. The recipe pictures alone have added five pounds to my hips! Though, I'm finding lots of great decorating ideas for our new house whenever we get moved! Working on that Honey-Do list already!!

So, if you're on Pinterest, follow me! I'm new so I don't have much up on my boards yet...time baby, give me a little time!
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