Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amazing Gift

I can't stop looking. After reading Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo about his four year old's experience in heaven, and this eight year old prodigy's rendering of the likeness of Jesus, I can't stop looking at the painting. I wonder if she knew what a gift she was giving the world when she painted that portrait: the beautiful face of our Lord.

I could spend all day lost in those eyes, tears welling inside of me, ashamed of my life, who I've been, who I should've been after what He has given me. But all I feel is love...peace wash over me...deep in my soul. I can't stop looking...

And isn't that what we are meant to do, keep our eyes focused on Jesus? Keep looking? Lost in His love, pouring out of hope.

I Googled Akiane's name this morning, hoping to find a site to purchase a print of the Prince of Peace. $450 for the smallest giclee is a wee bit out of my range of affordability-just a tad. In the process of my Google though, I came across another site that confirms the likeness again as a match to the Shroud of Turin. Goosebumps!! I didn't need to read that to believe this is His face. I trust little Colton's confirmation in Heaven is for Real. Childlike faith-it doesn't get more real than that. I'll quickly doubt an adult's word only because we've been in this world too long, tainted by the darkness. But I believe in the innocence of our children. I believe this is the face of Christ.

I can't stop looking. I won't stop looking. Beautiful Savior, Prince of Peace. Thank you Akiane!

the cross in christmas from tammi dryden on Vimeo.

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