Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tucker Love

Tucker is home from the vet's and recuperating from his surgery. The poor love has to wear one of those big cone collars to keep him from pulling out his stitches. He keeps getting stuck on the corners and furniture and doorways, not quite sure how to maneuver with this giant halo around his head. He usually just bounds wild and careless wherever he wants to go, he's not used to actually having to navigate...I'm sure the pain medicine he's on doesn't help either. He was up off and on through the night, crying and tearing my guilt ridden heart right out of my chest. Midnight found me fumbling in the kitchen for his pain meds and peanut butter. I kept dropping pills on the floor (now thankful for navy tiles that show up little white pills quite clearly even in the dark of night...) Finally dosed him once more for the night and curled up close around him, whispering love and comfort nose to nose until the medicine kicked in and he slipped off silently into slumber. Three o'clock had him awake again but I was afraid to give him more pills just yet, so kisses and scratches had to make do.

Today he starts his Interceptor for the worms. Ruby and Pea have their blood work done next week so I can get them started on the meds as well. Always something with these three. A couple friends asked me why have a dog since they're so much trouble and expense? Really? Do they never plan to have kids, who are a whole world more trouble and expense? The love you get back from dogs far outweighs the cost or inconvenience. I can't imagine my life without dogs--yes, plural, the more the merrier! No matter how rotten a day you might be having, the simplest remedy is one warm, fuzzy pup plopped in your lap, belly up inviting tummy rubs and chin kisses, tail all a-wiggle with happiness. Pure and simple joy oozing from every puppy pore.

So my heart might hurt while my baby is recuperating and my wallet that much lighter from the cost of surgery and blood tests and worm meds, but to live without those kisses and waggling tails and rumps, eyes all sparkling in hopes of treats and toys and scritches? No way. Not me--I need my babies!! They're worth every penny and sleepless night any day of the week! THIS is the spot!!

Did Tucker eat the table or was it Michael?? Hmmm...

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