Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sickies for Christmas

So my Bug has the holiday hum bug...He fussed yesterday morning while waiting for the bus that his stomach didn't feel good but, since he didn't have a fever, I shipped him off to school anyway. Then when I arrived at his classroom later in the afternoon to help with their Christmas party, he was much mopier and still complaining of a tummy ache and dizziness. He'd been to the nurse's office earlier in the day, and like me, since he had no fever, she sent him back to class.

I asked him if he wanted to go home or stay for the party and he opted to stay a while. Poor sweet Bug, curled up in a sad little heap upon his desk while the other kids played Bingo and put together foam ornaments. Finally he came over to where I stood, clustered with the other moms, wrapped his arms around me and asked if we could go home, big brown eyes sitting sad in darkening circles. We gathered up his backpack and coat, tucked away his Christmas treat bag and snowman cupcake, wished his teacher a merry Christmas, then headed out the door to go home.

Nothing melts your heart like when your baby is sick. I took his temperature when we got home and it was starting to climb. He changed into his pajamas and buried himself under the afghan on the sofa. Tucker stump wagged and kissed the tip of forehead peaking out under blanket and bangs, offering the best comfort and love a puppy knows how.

Dosed with Tylenol and nursing a can of ginger ale, those soon found their way back up. He's not even been able to keep water down through the night. He woke up around five saying he felt better-he doesn't want to miss our friends' Christmas Eve party today, but his fever is even higher than it was when he went to bed last night. It didn't take long for him to go curl back up in my bed and fall fast asleep again.

So sending hubby and daughter and boyfriend to the Christmas party today while Bug and I stay home in jammies, slippers, and robes. We can watch Christmas movies and nibble toast, try some more ginger ale. I may pop our turkey in the oven today, just to have that portion of tomorrow ready since Ashlee and Kyle are spending their afternoon with her mom's family before they fly home. Pre-slice it, whip up some gravy, and the stuffing casserole...I always liked turkey better the next day myself. Anybody who's hungry can nibble and snack when they're ready. Sickies not eating won't need to feel left out while everyone else is crowded around the table, hungry and feasting.

I finished my Jesse Tree Advent prayer calendar a day early this morning, figuring there may not be time tomorrow since, sick or not, I still expect Bug to be up bright and early to see if he avoided Santa's naughty list after declaring his unbelief last week--he's been so worried he offended Santa, he's asked me every day if he'll still get presents this year! I suppose this will be our last Santa year...savoring sweet innocence a little bit longer...

Anyway--picture below of the finished calendar. We haven't finished Michael's tree yet, distractions with family here waylaid our project. Maybe if he's feeling up to it later today, he can fill in his remaining ornaments.

A very merry Christmas to all and a happy, healthy new year! God's blessings and peace be with you always!

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