Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Route 66

My husband likes to move. A lot. I joked that when Michael was three, he had lived in three different states: born in PA, moved to OH when he was just over a year old, then to TN when he was three. Who knew we'd be moving home again in another few years. Yeah, we move. A lot.

The couple years we spent in Ohio, we lived right by Route 66. I didn't realize it wasn't actually part of the 'famous' Route 66, you know the one the song is written about and that's featured in the movie Cars? Ours was just a local Route 66 that ran through Ohio, never attaching to the one running from Chicago to Santa Monica...Maybe someday we'll hit the real Route 66 for a road trip--now that would be cool. We'd have to get the Cars soundtrack, groovy cruising tunes...

Anyway...I've been wondering lately what life would've been like if we had never left Ohio. Michael and I had a great circle of friends from the Moms' Group we joined there. Even though we've made more friends in Tennessee and back here at home again, there was something special about those women and their kids. Bill travelled so much in those days, gone four out of seven days every week, and the Moms' Group had become Michael's and my family. It was also the best school district we've lived in to date. I wonder where Michael would be academically now. I had a great painting clientele that I've never been able to pick up again since we left. So, sometimes I wonder...

But, God doesn't want us sitting still, stagnating. He has great plans for us, plans to change us, to prosper us. We're not to cling to yesterday. He wants us to trust and to follow. That's not always easy. Change is daunting, who doesn't like the comfort of the familiar? I've only learned to pray for God's will in His time. He always knows what's best and who am I to limit Him? Can you imagine all that you'd miss out on? Wherever You lead me, Abba, I am willing to go.

santa monica route 66

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  1. I know excatly how you feel. I am feeling it right now. I really want to be home instead of Texas. It is getting better I believe God is beginning to reveal His vision for me. www.laraslifeadventures.blogspot.com I am still playing around I have some blog post that I have not posted yet. They still need more work. Luv ya. @laratexas is my twitter ID


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