Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Small Victory

So I stuck to my guns yesterday and didn't let Michael bowl for his misbehaving in school all week. He was a mad little hornet, repeatedly proclaiming that Ms. Lutz (his teacher) needs to be more patient, it's so not fair, on and on all morning long. When it was time to go pick up the hoagies we had sold for the scholarship fundraiser, he actually thought I would let him bowl (wonder where he would get that impression...hmmm) But, alas, it was way too late, already after ten and bowling begins at nine. I had won. This time. At least he got to see his friends for a little bit while we waited for the hoagies to get sorted out, and seeing them bowling without him I hope might sink in a little lesson to remember to behave so he can bowl next weekend...

We also had a Christmas party to go to last night and Michael knew since he'd lost bowling already, he'd have to behave in class on Friday if he wanted to go see his friends at the party. Lo and behold, he didn't lose a single minute! Amazing! Still, I kept on him that he had to be good at home as well if he expected to be allowed to go, and fearfully he would ask me over and over, "Did I lose it? Did I lose the party yet? Can I still go?" He fussed and fretted all day, but behaved well enough that we did all make it to the party. He was thrilled. His two best buddies, JJ and Shane, from bowling were there, along with a bunch of their cousins. When the boys weren't busy building Legos, it was a mad round about chasing game of It. They wore me out just watching them!

I wonder how he'll do in school this week. I know he's getting excited about Christmas so quickly approaching (though how it seemed to take FOREVER to get here when we were that age, remember? Now there's barely time to clean and decorate and shop and wrap and bake....December flies by in the blink of an eye for grown ups!) And he's counting down the days (six!) until Sissie arrives. It's hard to sit still when there's so much anticipation!! Little full of wild, endless raw energy. A frenetic tornado wrapped tight in long, lanky limbs, only wanting to be unleashed, ravishing on the world around them. It's hard to sit still. I know. Please just try your best. All a mama can ask...

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