Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Think I Found It!

The toy that can survive Tucker...Nylabone! I'd seen these at Walmart, rather unassuming dog toys, sort of bland, uninteresting. If it didn't appeal to me, I wondered what on earth would my dog want with it? They're hard nylon bones, plastic looking. Not soft or squishy. Not squeaky or chewy. Hard and uninviting, cold. A few people had recommended them, but Kongs also got great recommendations for serious chewers and Tucker can eat a Kong like I can eat cake. And the Nylabones are considerably less expensive than Kongs, so how could they possibly be better? But seeing we've run the gamot of every other so-called 'indestructible' toy created for dogs, I decided to give in and see what Tucker would make of these new hard, nubby bones.

I picked out the large rhino bone and didn't realize that they're actually flavored. The rhino is bacon flavored, other toys are chicken, beef, or liver flavored! There's a bunch of different sizes and styles of Nylabone toys-some almost resemble teething toys and key rings like you'd give babies. I may have been mistaken about this product line after all, but the true test was yet to be seen at home. What would Tucker do with his new rhino Nylabone?

So home I went with my groceries and Tuck's new toy. He'd been curled up napping in his crate, slowly stretchs out his front legs, pink tongue curling languidly in a big, teethy yawn. He ducks his head coming out the door, he really has gotten tall, and still bumps his shoulders, body wiggling hello as I scratch him all over, stumpy tail wagging butt and he pushes against me for more love. He follows me out to the kitchen, hopeful there's some sort of treats tucked in with the other groceries, something special just for him. He's spoiled and he knows it!

I unwrap his new Nylabone, doubt still lingering in the back of my mind. Surely he'll look at me like I've lost my mind, "What am I supposed to do with...with....this?" that look will say. He gives it a sniff, and another, then gently takes it from my hand. Instant head to stump wiggling and a throaty gurgle of puppy happiness, he bounds off down the hall to show off this new toy to Sweet Pea and Ruby. I have to dig out treats and chewies for them as well, now jealous that their nutball sibling has some great new prize he's rubbing in their faces...

Tucker spent most of the day with his Nylabone. He's made some minor scratches in it but nowhere close to chewing any part of it off in a chunk. He seems really happy with this new toy and I'm impressed with its obvious durability. I think I know what Santa's going to fill Tucker's stocking with at Christmas...maybe the house stands a chance after all!

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