Monday, December 5, 2011

To Twitter or Tweet

I'm giving Twitter another try. I never fully understood or grasped exactly how it all worked but I'm willing to give it a new go. My main reason for this is because so many of the blog sites I follow offer giveaways and one way to sign up for these giveaways is to Tweet about it. So, since I'm over there tweeting trying to win something anyway, maybe I can learn something new as well. (In the back of my mind I hear some muttered grumbling--Oh, sure, just what you need: more technological if I don't waste enough time on Facebook and Google, Amazon, and myriad blog stalking....) I'm just intrigued on how hashmarks work and retweets...A girl can try anyway--right?

I'm not a big celebrity following kind of person--I figure they don't care one whit about little ole me, so why would I want to bother with the ridiculous details of their gossip and drama ridden lives. But, I admit, I love Howie Mandel, and after watching him Tweeting on America's Got Talent, I started following him--the man is a nut. Of course, I never really kept up on Twitter but as I was signing back in this morning, there's Howie, Tweeting away! Along with the Dalai Lama, Luci Swindoll, and SparkPeople--I have quite the gamot of tastes! Haha! (Gamot, eclectic, neurotic,'s all the same, isn't it??)

Oh, I've also started a sister blog for Life in the Trenches on WordPress since a few friends blog over there. It's only going to be copies of my blog posts here on Blogger, but if you'd rather follow on WP, here is the URL: Hmm...more stuff for me to keep track of--and I was supposed to be paring down in hopes of accomplishing more....but I'm thinking what's wrong with a little coverage and exposure, right? Right?? It's all good.

So here's my tag if you wish to follow me on Twitter: @dawnmaurice (I know, so original, right?) And if you're on there, let me know so I can follow you!

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