Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Plans

There’s just too much to do this weekend, so much so that we’re staying home and doing nothing…Well, that doesn’t make any sense, does it? And it’s gorgeous outside, sunny and not quite sixty--definitely my kind of weather! So, what should we do? There’s Butler’s Fall Festival in town. They shut down Main Street and vendors line up and down both sides, selling food and crafts--lots of great stuff to see, eat and buy. Then heading out the opposite way, there’s also Evans City’s Oktoberfest happening this weekend. Yeah, I know, it’s only September but they’re getting a head start on things. And you all think I’m nuts for starting Christmas early? At least I know what month it is! I also believe the Penn’s Colony Festival is happening over in Saxonburg this weekend and next--but you have to pay admission for that because they do this recreated colonial times village thing with battle reenactments and such…I’d rather spend my money on goodies instead of just to be able to get in somewhere! So Penn’s Colony is out. Since Oktoberfest will still be going on tomorrow and Butler’s Fall Fest is only happening today, I think the plain choice is to head into town and see what all is going on there. Tomorrow we can head to Evans City and experience their Oktoberfest in September. I saw a flyer up in the library for next weekend about a dog show out at the fairgrounds! We’ll definitely have to check that out!! Pups everywhere! So--time to put the birds away here and head on out to enjoy a beautiful fall day in Butler--I hope you’re enjoying your day, wherever that might be!

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