Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around the House and Sleeping

I sometimes have difficulty staying motivated when the rest of the house is sleeping, or at least the dogs, and they sleep a good twenty out of every twenty-four hours. Lazy buggers! Everywhere you turn, there's one of the three, either sprawled on the couch, head tucked under the bed, or falling off the puppy pillow in the kitchen. Must be nice to have such a care free, laid back life! Someone to bring you your food every day, open the door to let you in and out according to your will. Okay, so they have to eat out of a bowl on the floor, and it's the same food every day--boring brown kibble topped with chunks of boiled sweet potato. That would get old very quick, I think. But they're not responsible for cleaning up after themselves, let alone anyone else. They do have to go outside to use the bathroom regardless of the weather, be it pouring down rain, or ninety-eight degrees with a heat index of 106, or in three feet of snow with an arctic blast freezing the tears from your eyes! I kinda enjoy indoor plumbing, thank you. I suppose it's not all fun and sweet dreams being a dog after all, no matter how easy going they have it...

Queen Pea's favorite spot on the couch

Tucker has outgrown the pillow bed

Sleepy pups

Mama's beautiful Tuck and yes, that's my favorite Christmas blanket...I leave it on year round. It's festive and happy.

No you can't make the bed!!
This was my super fuzzy Wooley Bear I found yesterday. Look close and see how long his fuzz is--made me think of a little Persian kitten and he was just as soft!!

I saw some of this artist's work at the Butler Fall Festival and fell in love with her stuff. Check it out:

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