Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, we had a much better sleep last night. I found some doggie Pepto Bismol at Petco yesterday so Tucker (and more importantly, I) could sleep soundly through the night without any potty trips outside every two hours. Aaahhh...I love a good night's sleep! Then, of course, to push his luck rather than being content with his rice and chicken diet for the next few days, the rotten piggie has learned how to pry the pantry door open to go face diving into his bag of kibble...and I also caught him eating the charcoal ashes out of the grill's ash catcher--that can't be healthy. I believe he'll eat anything. He tried to eat the raw chicken breast I had defrosting on the kitchen counter for his dinner yesterday afternoon but only succeeded in pulling the bowl and breast off the counter crashing, smashing into a hundred ceramic pieces on the tile floor. Thanks, I'd just mopped...He will eat shoes--flip flops are a big favorite, the furniture--he's munched a corner off the breakfast nook bench and there are several chew spots on the coffee table. He's eaten two garden kneeling pads he found abandoned outside. One day he shredded a Coke can. He's nibbled the walls and even chewed a chunk of siding off the house! I do feed my dog. He's not starving by any means. He is teething, though, and I try to keep him well stocked with toys and chewies to keep him happy and entertained. Still, he is an adventurous eater, and if I don't pay attention, he just may literally eat us out of house and home!!
I'm gonna get those Kibbles 'n Bits!!

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