Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Sunshine in My Heart

Dare I say that things are starting to look up a little once again (knock wood, just in case...) Ruby's ear is finally beginning to look better. The swelling has started to go down and if it continues to shrink I will most likely cancel her appointment next week since the vet wants to put her under and my girl isn't exactly a young lady anymore. Anesthesia can be very stressful, especially on older dogs, so I don't see a reason to put her through that if it isn't absolutely necessary. Tucker is almost at the end of his coccidia treatment, with his last dose of medicine due on Monday. I had to put him back on rice, ground beef, and pumpkin this week since his runs came back Sunday night, but so far he's doing well--fingers crossed that he'll stay on the mend! Ms. Pea has also had another flare up of her anal sacs but that seems to be under control now. Perhaps I caught early enough before it had a chance to get seriously inflamed and burst, so she's looking good this morning, too. Aaahhh...a little sigh of relief...for now.

It's just a beautiful morning, got a quick run in on the treadmill downstairs before it was time to get Michael off to the bus. He's had a few good days in a row and earned some TV time back along with buying lunch at school today. He really wants to celebrate his birthday and asked if he'd earned any presents back. I think we'll at least have a cake and some ice cream after dinner, and let him have his birthday cards from Grandma and Sissie. I have a surprise in store for him for later, if he can continue on his good behavior streak. I finally found Steeler sheets and a matching comforter for his bed and Grandma agreed to sew up some Steeler curtains for his window once I get the fabric measured and bought. That will be his belated birthday present. It's not Hot Wheels and Gogo's or Pokemon cards that he's been begging for--but all of those make great stocking stuffers anyway.

I also managed to do a little weeding out front. It's such an overgrown mess out there--my poor neighbors who have to look at it every day, I'm sorry! It's just been such a hot summer and then so wet lately, there really hasn't been much time to be outside doing yard work. Hopefully now that the weather is cooling off, more opportunities will arise--surely I'll need it since our leaves are already starting to fall as well! There's always something to keep us busy around here!

My beautiful Ruby

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