Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Take on Grey's Season Opener

My favorite TV couple for the past six years has to be Grey's Anatomy's Derek and Meredith. We've been through so much together and it's tearing me apart to think this latest glitch in their relationship might be the end. I am in denial--I refuse to believe they won't make it through this. All I wanted Meredith to do in the series premiere the other night was yell "Post-it!" and make it all better. They vowed neither of them would walk away. No matter what happens. It's all there on a blue post-it that they both signed, framed and hanging above their bed. Through old, smelly, senile, even when they hate each other, and I get that Derek is hating Meredith right now for messing up his clinical trial. But--it's in his handwriting, "This is forever." They have to survive this and they have to get Zola back--is she the cutest thing ever or what?? Did you get the glimmer of hope when Derek was explaining how much Meredith's incredible love for the people in her life gets in the way of her judgement? I saw it...Yeah, Post-it...everything's gonna be all right.

As for the rest of the crew--really Bailey? A little judgemental, are we? So even if Meredith does get to keep her job and stay on at Seattle Grace, (I love you, Richard Webber, by the way!! Alex, I'm not buying it, though...) I suppose Dr. Bailey will make her, in Callie's famous words, "Rue the Day!! That's right, I said Rue!!" that Meredith ever stepped foot in that hospital as an intern. And how is it that they're only fifth year residents when we've been watching this show for eight seasons now??

Is dying Owen's hair blonde supposed to make us like him better? I'm only more annoyed. Seriously Christina--you had Burke! What could you possibly see in Hunt?? He should've gotten back with Teddie when Christina offered him up as a trade off for cardio training and they both could've gone off on some post-Iraqi-war series spin off that I wouldn't have to watch. Not that I don't like Teddie--I'd just like to see Owen Hunt long gone from Grey's. I can't see how his all of sudden supporting Christina's decision to have an abortion is supposed to make him a better guy. I believe he'll only harbor resentment towards her killing their unborn child and make her life miserable wanting his forgiveness. Christina's too strong of a woman to live that life. I want Burke back!!

I also don't believe that Alex is truly remorseful for costing Meredith her job--and marriage--and parenthood. He's more shallow than a paper thin sheet of ice and just as transparent! He'll always only do whatever it takes to win him the good graces of whoever he's trying to suck up to and forge his way ahead in his own career. He really could care less about anybody else. Yeah, I felt bad when Lucy stole his job in Africa--that was pretty cold. It's also karma. Too bad, so sad Alex...

Will Lexie and Mark get back together? I can't say I really care. She's got Avery--who needs McSteamy?? You just have to worry about a show when they start bringing all these babies in--Zola, and Callie and Arizona's baby...Isn't that typically the sign that the writers are running out of ideas so they cast in cute babies?? Hmmm...Anyway--just my thoughts....

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