Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday at last!

It’s Monday and it’s LAUNDRY DAY!! I’m well aware that it’s really super pathetic that I’m excited about this. Sadly this is where my life is at. Excited over laundry day. Really? Okay, so I do have that brand new super sonic, high efficiency, way cool washer and dryer set that I’ve waited all week to accumulate enough laundry to finally wash a load (and let me just apologize to my friends’ multi-multi-kid families who don’t have to wait more than five minutes for a full load of laundry in their houses…I don’t mean to gloat.) I even woke up yesterday in a moment of glee, thinking it was finally Monday—the day I tear off all the sheets from the beds, gather all the towels from the bathroom, scoop up any other clothing stragglers laying about, and head to the basement--then realized it was only Sunday. The laundry would be waiting for tomorrow…There went the wind from my sails. *Poof*

Laundry and cooking are probably my two ‘favorite’ chores, if you can have a favorite chore. They’re at least the two less dreaded out of my daily and weekly to-do’s. I know lots of folks hate doing laundry, but I feel like something tangible and visible is actually getting accomplished with each load. The dirty piles disappear, then fresh, warm, lavender scented piles reappear, stacked neatly in individual piles according to person and/or item. I’m a sucker for organizing, and clean, neatly folded, organized sweet-smelling laundry feeds my OCD organizer quite well. It makes me happy inside.

And cooking feeds the fat happy person inside of me—what else needs to be said? If only washing the dishes and putting everything away seemed so satisfying. Rather it’s an anti-climax after a well prepared meal shared with the ones you love. They magically disappear once the food is gone! Funny how that happens every day! Food on the table, they appear! Food gone from the table, so are they! I could make David Copperfield proud!

Dusting and cleaning the bathroom are by far my two least favorite chores. Well, dusting isn’t so bad anymore since they invented the lavendar scented Swiffer refills. It’s like aroma-therapy while you clean. Slow deep breath in….aahhh, lavendar…and Swiffer away the dust. Instantly calmer and more relaxed as the house gets nice and shiny again…for five minutes and the dogs shake their fur and dirt and dander all over everything you just Swiffered. Yeah…that can be rather unencouraging to see how quickly your work can vanish and it looks like you never did anything in the first place. Rotten dogs.

The bathroom…well, that’s just gross. If there’s anybody out there who enjoys cleaning bathrooms, feel free to come do mine every week and I’ll gladly come do your laundry! I’d even cook a meal or two if you’d like! I mean it!

You know you're a redneck when this is the highlight of your weekend plans!

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