Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running Behind, but that's okay...

We, or rather, I, had another Up All Night with Tucker sick again last night. If I was lucky, I may have gotten three good hours of sleep. So my tail is dragging some here this morning--but it's officially my first empty house all to myself day and I'm trying to stay abreast of everything I need to get done. It just seems on days like this that I somehow develop temporary ADD and little distractions keep me zigzagging between tasks and feeling like I'm not accomplishing much, which in turn drags my spirits down, making the day seem much worse than it really is.

Yes, I'm tired. And I have a pretty packed chore list today, more so than a typical Thursday. I usually try to get most chores done early on in the week. I think  it's the pre-Christmas planning that has things doubled up this I just need a little time to adjust and absorb having some extra things to do on my weekly lists. An added weight I've taken on is this wanting to write everyday--more than just on the blog here. I need to come up with some concrete writing goals, with plans for submissions and some sort of direction in which I'd like to head, so this doesn't all end up being for nothing.

I had also bought a few Microsoft training textbooks back when we bought our laptop over two years ago so I could teach myself  Word, Excel, and Power Point. I have a good grasp on Word already, but I'm sure there's so much more that can be done within the program--I want to learn it all. If I ever hope to get a real job again, I realize I need to have these computer skills on my resume or else I'll be limited to cashiering at Walmart or some other such place...and I want to be able to do more than that. I just missed learning these basic computer skills when I opted to stay home after Michael was born and now I've been left behind in the job market. But, it's not anything I can't learn...I just have to sit myself down and make the time to do it. More stuff on my see where this is going??

But I can do this! I can find time for the chores, sit down for an hour or so to do a chapter a day in the Microsoft books, park it at the laptop to blog and write--this is so not impossible. I've watched girlfriends become single moms through divorce, step up and work full time and go to school and earn a degree, and still make time for their kids and everything that needs done at home. I'm in awe of all they've been able to accomplish, so I have no excuse not to do something more with my time and my life. They are my inspiration.

Tired? Shake it off. I've made it through the shopping rounds this morning: Walmart, Aldi's, Petco, and Sheetz (had to get my free coffee and Reeses!) I did save the farm market until Saturday since I'm only buying salmon there and I'd really rather it  be fresh for dinner that night. Dishes are done and I've gotten a jump on the laundry, hoping the dryer doesn't catch fire and burn the house down--Bill worked on it yesterday after it quit on me earlier in the week. Some wires had melted together, which doesn't sound good in my book! But he promises he fixed it all and ran it for a little while, nothing caught fire then. So far nothing seems to be smoking downstairs this morning, either! Fingers crossed, prayers ushered!! My husband rocks, by the way! He is my Fix It Man. But that's a story for another day's blog. I've got things to do, people!!

Bug's first day of fourth grade

The story here is what you're not seeing--it took me almost nine months to remove the energy efficiency stickers 'cuz they were so dried on...but they're finally gone. Yeah, I may be a little procrastinator...but it's done!

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