Thursday, September 22, 2011

Appliance Annoyance

The 'new' new dryer is coming today. Yep, Lowe's is already replacing the dryer we bought two weeks ago. The problem? The lights aren't bright enough on the dryer's display. They're barely visible if you squinch up your eyes and look at the lights from a few inches away. I should be able to see what functions I have set without giving myself more wrinkles and straining my eyeballs. The lights on the washer are as bright as a Christmas tree! That's how I want the lights to be on the dryer. So Lowe's offered to send us a brand new replacement and it arrived at the store late last week after being on a brief back order. Bill has to be here to hook up the 'pigtail', which is just a weird name for 'the plug'. Lowe's won't claim any liability for using an old pigtail, so you have to hook it up yourself if you don't buy a new one. And this is Bill's day off this week, so hopefully Lowe's will get here bright and early and we can be off and adventuring the rest of the day--and by that I mean wandering around Butler for a few hours until it's time for Michael to come home from school...Yes, it's an exciting life--I don't know how I stand it most days. Hard to keep up a lot of the times.

I missed a great picture yesterday. A squirrel had a double cluster of acorns hanging from his mouth as he perched oh so cutely on a garden fence post, peering in the porch door at me as I worked on my Word 2007 book (trying to understand WHY anyone would bother to use the paragraph editing button!) He dared me to grab my camera and try to snag a shot before he was off and running. I fell for it--Word wasn't holding my attention much anyway. Just as I got the camera turned on and tried to zoom in on Mr. Nuts, off he went, scampering up the nearest tree. I think I heard him chuckle as he stole a quick glance back at me lamentably putting the camera back on the shelf...Squirrels are really insufferably annoying little creatures. I don't care how cute they are!

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