Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living in a Zoo!

So we’re home from the vet with Ruby. She has to go back in two weeks for another follow up. Apparently now both ears are inflamed and the doc wants to sedate her so he can get a better look at what’s going on. So..could he share any thoughts of what it could be? No…that’s just too much to ask. Grrfff!! See ya’ in two weeks, then…Who needs money any way? Groceries…what’s that??

And just as I was trying to get Michael out the door to the bus, Tucker had had an accident on the back porch and there’s now blood in his stool. Seriously?? But, I Googled bloody stools while we waited for the bus and it’s most likely a side effect from the round worms and coccidia that we’re already treating, so I’m not gonna panic about him just yet. You know, one crisis at a time is about all I really care to handle…

That leads us on to our Squiggy dilemma. He decided he’d try to attack Brodie yesterday during play time. Flew right at him, all claws and beak ready to dig in. My heart stopped as I tried to divert Squiggy’s trajectory. Nobody messes with my Brodie! Fortunately, no one was hurt, other than the couple of years taken off of my life…Squiggy was sent back to his cage for the rest of play time, and this morning I clipped his wings so he no longer has the ability to launch an all out attack anymore…or at least until his flights grow back in. Why can’t we all just get along?? Stars for whoever can behave and not be sick the rest of the afternoon!!

So…that’s where my day is at. It’s one o’clock and I haven’t had any lunch yet, so I think I’ll head to the kitchen and see what sort of caloric damage I can whip up. Maybe try to get some cleaning done this afternoon before it’s time to pick up Bugalicious from the bus stop. No pics today, people--I’m under duress. Cut me a little slack. Maybe tomorrow you’ll get luckier.

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