Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Headache, headache, go away...

It’s been an awful year for headaches for me. And I am not one to pop a bunch of ibuprofen to try and cope. I don’t like medicine. I’m much more likely to suffer through the pain, hoping it’ll go away on its own, or try more natural remedies with food or hydration. I just don’t like taking pills. I worry they’ll mess with my metabolism and, being forty-something, I don’t need anything slowing down something that is already slower than molasses all by itself!

I seem to have the worst headaches after a long run. I’ve tried adding electrolytes to my water and eating headache-preventative foods, but I still get slammed every now and then with a killer migraine and I so don’t want to live that way! And I don’t want to give up running…I’m not only completely addicted, I’m also scared of getting fat—this girl loves to eat too much! Haha!

So yesterday I only ran three miles instead of my usual four or five, and I was headache free all day! Yay! Today is strength training and a power walk, so I should be fine. Tomorrow I run again and I’ll keep it at three miles, see how I fare after that. I’m disappointed a little at the thought of having to cut back. It’s not gonna get me to run a half marathon this way…but if I can have a headache-free day, I guess that’s the better option. And, who knows—it may turn out to not be exercise related, and I can go back to running as much as I want! This is just an experiment for now…so, we’ll see—fingers crossed and all that jazz. Happy Tuesday all!

PS: I know I’ve slacked off with my photo Project 365…I’ll try to get back in gear! I stole this one from the web for your enjoyment:
My aunt (this isn't her) actually got to ride an ostrich on a trip to Africa...I don't know why one would want to do such a thing, but, to each their own!

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