Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Little Suntan...Spray?

I am not a big fan of the sun, er well, at least not of summer heat. I like things on the cooler side and am thankful for air conditioning come July and August as the temperature and humidity soar outside. And you all know how excited I get when the snow starts to fly! But I'm also not a huge fan of tanning. I was born all pale and pasty. I don't see a reason to try to change that, especially considering the possible consequences: early wrinkles (they show up soon enough without any encouragement!) and worse, skin cancer. Yes, I smoked for twenty-three years and still face the possibility of lung cancer--but I quit over six years ago and do everything in my power to remain healthy. Why invite another form of cancer for the sake of vanity? I don't get why people dish out so much money to lay in tanning beds only to put themselves at risk. So a warm, bronze glow to your cheeks can be flattering to the complexion. Buy a little bronzer. It's cheaper. And non-carcinogenic.

But I drove by a salon the other day that now offers spray tanning. I suppose if I were ever to want a tan, that would most likely be the way I'd go. No heat, no wrinkles, no potential cancer (unless maybe from inhaling the tanning chemicals?) But I'm curious, what does one wear to be spray tanned? Your bathing suit? Doesn't it get all spray tanned too then? Does it come out in the wash? I read it can turn your toe nails orange--now that's attractive. I guess that would be a big hit down in Tennessee's Vols country--go Big Orange! Oh my...

Well, chances are I'll never have this service done anyway. I'm just not the girly-girl mani-pedi, tanning type. I can paint my own nails if I want them done. I don't do massages either. I don't like strangers touching me, especially thank you! I'd rather spend my money on more tangible things like food or books or Zumba shoes...To each their own, I guess. Isn't that what makes the world go 'round?

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