Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent Begins

Life gets back to normal today, or at least as normal as life can get around here--haha. Thanksgiving break is over so Mr. Michael heads back to school. Hubby works late tonight and I'll be spending the greater chunk of the day restoring the house to some semblence of recognizable organization and de-dog hairing the floor and furniture.

I've been contemplating dragging out the boxes of Christmas decorations but find myself hesitant to offer up more indigestible chew toys for Tucker. He's gotten so tall, he can reach anywhere we might try to put up a nativity scene or a set of candles, hang a wreath or string lights. No where is safe anymore, except maybe the top of the fridge. It's a little disheartening. We may only stick to outside lights and decorations this year, with a late tree and stockings going up in the basement right before Ashlee and Kyle arrive the week before Christmas and baracading the steps with a baby gate to keep Sir Crazy Pup upstairs until Christmas is over and the tree and ornaments are safely packed away for another year.

I've managed to make great progress shopping and wrapping but haven't baked even one batch of cookies yet. I should have three weeks of baking under my belt at this point and a good stash of sweet treats stuffed away in the freezer, but nothing...A good dose of snow could possibly motivate me to head into the kitchen and begin Betty Crockering, but I can't convince this rain to freeze into flakes. Perhaps a revamping of the baking list is in order for this year, a paring down to just the favorite treats. We could all use a few less temptations this time of year anyway, right?

We start our Jesse Tree devotions tonight, I'm looking forward to that. I drew our tree on the dry erase board and Michael added a title and a few little drawings already, as excited as me to begin. I've begun my own Advent calendar doodles as well...at least we should be in for a colorful journey over the next four weeks as we look forward to the greatest gift ever given, the arrival of our Savior come Christmas Day.

Each day Michael will draw an ornament on a branch related to that day's devotion

His title =0)

The beginning of my calendar

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